Pranab Da: President Da?

Posted on May 16, 2012 in Politics

By Anubhav Das:

As the current term approaches its end in few days, talks have heated in political arena across the nation on who is going to be the new head of world’s largest democracy. As our nation looks forward to see its new president, the political parties are grilling all possible permutations before nominating their candidates for the electoral polls. In the midst of all the ambiguousness, one name that has stood up front from the beginning is Pranab Mukharjee-The current finance minister. Being a veteran in the political field, it is not the first time that Pranab Da has moved up in the ‘acceptability index’ for presidential hopefuls but the talks are only more serious this time as the other potentialities seem less promising. Apart from the name of former president A.P.J Abdul Kalam, no other name has come up to that proximity.

Once again as Pranab Mukherjee’s name pops up for a potential president to this country, one is compelled to have a look at his four and a half decade old political career at a glance. In last few decades, Pranab Da has established himself as an integral part of Congress and as a prime political identity when it comes to India’s financial ministry. Serving the cabinet as the finance minister for multiple terms, he has proved his mettle and it is for that reason only thatnot only his own party values him; the opposition also realizes his importance in the parliament.

In fact, a few days back when some of the NDA leaders were asked about Pranab’s chances as the next president, they seemed to have a mixed if not a clear view about it which suggested that they also are giving a thought about accepting him as the next head of the republic. Worthwhile, it is interesting to note that since none of the parties single-handedly has the majority in Lok sabha, the alliances will have a major role to play when it will come on UPA-II to declare its candidate for the electoral polls. As the opposition is trying pretty hard to grip their nomination in the name of A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the Congress party is seeking a vote of confidence from its other alliances.

A few days back, A K Antony visited the DMK head M Karunanidhi and the purpose of this hour-long visit was to build on consensus on who will succeed Hon’ble Mrs. Pratibha Patil as the new president and not to mention, the name of Pranab Mukherjee was on top of the list. Although nothing was disclosed by the party personnel but the smell in the air suggested so. Barring Mamata Banerjee’s little apprehension made in the public, Congress has almost succeeded in taking the ball in its courts. With a situation in which the opposition is absolutely in no position to affect the contest, it can be assumed safely that ruling party’s sponsored candidate will have a sure short chance on the presidential seat. This makes Congress all the more thoughtful about the question that Is it ready to sacrifice an integral part of its cabinet and promote him to a post where he cannot influence the functioning of the government at all. Well, five years back Congress and UPA head Sonia Gandhi had a clear negative answer to this question but dices seem to have rolled this time. The only question is whether they will be thrown this time or not.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pranab Mukherjee can serve as one of the best presidents this country has ever had. The man has all it takes to be a leader; the caliber and the experience. Now all he needs to have is SUPPORT!