The “Extra” to the “Curricular”: What to Look for in a College [Part 2]

Posted on May 27, 2012 in Education

By Waled Aadnan:

Once you have factored in everything listed in the previous section to help you decide the college you want to go to, it may be time to consider your shortlisted colleges based on their infrastructure to promote your academics as well as extracurricular activities. It has been seen that students spend less time on extracurricular activities in college than they do in school. Whatever be the reason for the same, it is not healthy for a student’s overall development.

At least the following reasons can be cited why extracurricular activities are important and can actually be considered co-curricular activities to better emphasise their importance:

● You may have the opportunity to explore a new interest — and possibly discover a new passion.

● You will learn new skills which may translate into important career skills.

● You may make new friends and connect with new people. There will be opportunities to work with others and practice skills such as communication, negotiation, and conflict management.

● You will have an opportunity to practice good time management skills.

● You will develop leadership skills.

● You will establish the “habit” of involvement which may follow him throughout his life.

● You will be able to follow a dream or passion.

● You will have a richer college experience and basically, have fun.

It should be clear as such that co-curricular activities contribute towards a fuller, more holistic learning experience in college. They develop skills that go beyond academics and the marks-fetching pursuits of other students and not only lead to a more enjoyable college life but a greater preparation for the life after it.

So the next time you sit down to decide which college to go to, take into account the opportunities they provide for you to participate in sports, debates, social work as well as windows for taking on internships. The balance between academics and co-curriculars is a key one. No matter whether you are planning to do something own in the future, work in the governmental or corporate sector, or simply haven’t planned too far ahead and want to live the moment, there won’t be healthy portents for the future if you end up in a rigid institution that stifles you in the name of academic excellence. Choose well!