The Paradox Of Development Of Nuclear Ambitions In North Korea: How Do The Citizens Gain?

Posted on May 4, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Nupur Dogra:

The past few months have seen North Korea surrounded in endless controversies in the international politics due to their actions. On April 15, North Korea failed at an attempt of a rocket launch. What North Korea defined as rocket launch to put a satellite into orbit to mark the centenary of the birth of its founding leader, Kim Il-Sung, USA defined it as an attempt to launch a long range missile and violation of a treaty that was signed between the two in February. According to that treaty, Washington had agreed to give the “much required” food aid to North Korea and in return it demanded suspension of uranium enrichment and nuclear and missile tests by the latter. USA retaliated to this by cancelling its plans to ship 240,000 tonnes of food to the country. UN Security Council also condemned this attempt by North Korea which was rejected by the latter.

North Korea took a stand that as it is free from the treaty now, it will resume its nuclear development and blamed USA for the further consequences. After North Korea displayed its new long range missiles in a military parade, many eyebrows were raised all over the world, especially by the United States. Also there have been speculations about the authenticity of these missiles as few German experts claimed that these were fake missiles. This in itself raises a question upon the very possession of such missiles by the North Korea. Going by the previous record one can see that there is nothing new to this as the country has already tested its nuclear weapons which they displayed previously in 2006 and 2009.

The USA and UN have warned North Korea against a third nuclear test or any provocative action. They even said that any provocation by Pyongyang would lead to punishing actions. But punishment for what? Is it a punishment for not giving into the hegemonic demands or for developing a missile which has a long enough range to cover or threaten USA?

North Korea in its defence has said that they wouldn’t cater to any punishments and retaliate with equal power. The nation took a stand that nothing can hinder their space development. The country has previous records that show their determinacy to develop nuclear potential. They broke the non-proliferation treaty in the past saying that USA was incapable of fulfilling their demands. There are also claims that North Korea had imported their nuclear technology from Pakistan by bribing senior military officials. North Korea has surely got on and is actually jumping on the nerves of the big powers of the world.

But what North Korea needs to understand is that developing defence is a part of development rather than development itself. Ensuring a better lifestyle to the citizens is any time the first and foremost priority to any government which claims to be democratic.

This issue is actually manifested by a deeper issue namely INSECURITY. It was insecurity of North Korea after the breakdown of Soviet Union, which led it to develop itself into a nuclear power. It is insecurity of big nations who see it as a threat to their power and position and thus oppose this nuclear development by another nation.