Vicky Donor: Filled With Fun and Facts

Posted on May 9, 2012 in Media

Madhav Gupta:

If you want a customised child having traces of SRK, Aishwarya, Dhoni, Brad Pitt or even Lady Gaga, Vicky Donor is the man for you!

Starring Ayushman Khurana (an ex-MTV VJ) in the lead role, it is a comedy film, covering a very important social message which 99% Indian population are unaware of. Vicky Donor is a young lad staying in the old refugee area of Delhi with his single mother and grandmother. He is highly talented, can sing like Lady Gaga, hit a six like Dhoni and has a charming personality like SRK; however he’s unemployed and has no clue about his future!

Luckily he catches eye of Dr. Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) who runs a fertility centre and has been facing difficulty in finding a strong ‘Sperm Donor’, thereby loosing clients. Dr. Chaddha therefore, convinces Vicky to donate his sperm and make money. Vicky becomes the most important and successful donor to Mr. Chaddha. Now he falls in love with the Bengali Bong Aashima and gets married. After marriage, couple comes to know that Aashima cannot become a mother which leads to many events that unfold hilariously while sending out subtly a message through a public medium about something that is not discussed beyond the closed doors of the Indian society.

Director Shoojit Sircar has done a great job, and has presented Delhi and people of Delhi in a very genuine manner. He has presented the social motive of the movie very convincingly, wrapped in a comic façade that makes it watchable by all and sundry while not letting it become vulgar. But a good amount of credit has to be given to Juhi Chaturvedi for the catchy dialogues, the brilliant story and screenplay. Ayushmaan Khurana did a brilliant job and put all his expertise of being a VJ in action. Yami Gautam, playing the female lead, on the other hand had a very predictable character and was more of a supporting role than a lead.

It’s a must watch movie for everybody. The attributes highly entertaining and meaningful, all rolled into one quality product from the Indian Cinema.