Yuvaa: Gifting A Ray Of Hope To The Under-privileged Children

Posted on May 5, 2012

By Pooja Solanki:

In this fast-paced life, where we don’t find time for our beloved ones, the under-privileged children hardly see a morning. Breaking this myth is a non-profit organization, ‘Yuvaa’. The fundamental motive of this organization is to ‘spread smiles’ on the faces of not-so-privileged children in particular areas. Yuvaa has initiated various programmes, under which they plan to come to the rescue of these children. Till now, they have come up with three projects, namely, ‘Khushi’, ‘Asha Kiran’ and ‘Prerna’.

Let’s have a brief look of their initiatives:

Khushi (Gifting):

It’s an innovative project which promotes ‘gifting’ in a big way. Under this project, school children shall be motivated to give away any three of their unused articles to these children. And as a return gift, the school children would be gifted plant saplings. This shall bring forth the joy of giving and sharing.

Asha Kiran (Ray of hope):

Asha Kiran , as the name suggests, would provide a ray of hope to the under-privileged children suffering from Cancer. Under this project, financial assistance would be provided to them and they expect to save as many lives as possible. Throughout their treatment, intriguing activities like story telling would be conducted in order to improve the distressed mental frame of the kids.

Prerna (Motivation):

This project aims to bring out the ‘creative-self’ of the under-privileged children. A talented bunch of kids shall be selected through auditions and groomed in music. Various competitions shall be held among them based on localities on the lines of IPL.

“We are constantly seeking people from media to send out our message to the audiences. I urge each and everyone to come forward, volunteer with us and create a society where we could live happily together,” says Aseem Chandna, Founder and Managing Trustee of Yuvaa Foundation. Such NGOs do an incredible job by extending their support to the less fortunate. They need to be encouraged by every institution of the society so that they can flourish and create opportunities for the not-so-privileged. Funds should be raised and everyone should take every step, however small it may be, to help them achieve their goal.
More information can be found at www.yuvaaindia.org. Spread a smile!

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