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9 Monsoon Re“mind”ers For A Safe And Happy Rainy Season

Posted on June 19, 2012 in Specials

By Sirisha Akshinthala:

As all of us know – we are almost at the last phase of summer, also called as late summer. The monsoon might bring a welcome relief from the scorching summer sun. But my dear folks, remember, there are a lot of things to keep in mind to be safe and happy in monsoon and enjoy as much as we can! Amongst a lot of things, here are a few to be remembered and noted.

Health maintenance in monsoons:

Monsoon is the time where we welcome a lot of health problems like gastroenteritis and food poisoning quite commonly, comparatively much more than summer. While eating out, we must keep in mind that soups, pasta and other such food which are supposed to be served hot, must not be allowed to become lukewarm. Avoid ice-creams. Yes! Especially ones, who are crazy about eating ice creams in rain, try to avoid as this may lead to nasal problems. Well, folks this is the season of hot bajjias, pakodis, bondas and what not! Take lemon, cardamom, turmeric, and pepper dominated food items which keep you healthier; these ingredients are quite effective if mixed in hot water and milk. Tea and coffee are also good but not more than twice a day.

As it is monsoon, obviously it’s raining and how are you driving?

Taking long drives in your car on a rainy day is considered by many people to be really romantic. But it also requires the driver to diligently follow some safety precautions. It is suggested to exercise caution and drive with care for safety of pedestrians, animals and livestock crossing the roads during rainy weather. It is recommended never to cross any water bodies or streams’ flowing horizontally on the roads during monsoons since it is difficult to judge the depth of water at such times. One should use one’s car’s headlights and taillights during monsoons. This not only gives a clear view of the road ahead to the driver but also makes your car visible to other drivers following your car. Always make sure to switch on your vehicle’s headlights when using the wipers.

Yo boys! How would you all dress up in the monsoons?

Alright, monsoon’s here and you don’t want to look all wet and sweaty. A comfortable pair of Denims pants and Flimsy-T shirts will do and proper shoes to keep water away, with a sport monsoon hair cut along with a branded water proof watch is what would work best for you.

Girls, some tips for you as well:

The most important thing to keep in mind during monsoons is to steer clear of any heavy make-up, foundation or powdered compact. Just stick to the bare essentials to start with: face wash, moisturizer, and sun block. Come out and enjoy the evening’s natural beauty of cloudy sky and cool breeze which in turn protects our skin and makes it more nourished.

Usage of umbrellas and rain coats

At any case if we are not at home, we must make sure that we carry an umbrella or raincoat so that we can protect ourselves from rain and keep our nose safe from cold and our eyes from watering.

Say no to homemade papads and vadiyams

Yes, don’t try this at homes during rainy season it would surely end up as a big dud. The season hardly sees sunlight but these homemade food items need natural bright light to retain their typical crispiness and taste.

Avoid unnecessary usage of electricity

Let us give some rest to all the ACs and fans so that we can conserve electricity which in turn can serve the needy. As it is the best coolest season, try to be away from these luxuries and live a naturalistic life. Most importantly the usage of fridge is not that necessary and it can also be minimised.

Increase the life of plants

Generally at homes we do have some small pot plants and at present we have small trees called bonsai trees. They need sufficient sunlight and water; therefore they cannot be exposed to the heavy rains. So, it’s better to save them by taking them inside the home and giving them shelter.

Beware pet lovers!

Just like human beings pets sensitivity levels are high so it is better that we take extra care of them. During monsoons, it is difficult for pets to spend their time outside even though they are used to it otherwise. But monsoon rains may cause disorders in pets and cost them their lives. Take good care of your pets especially in monsoons as it is the deadly combination of cold and wet.

So these were some things to keep in mind as the monsoons are just around the corner!