A Cafe Memoire

Posted on June 22, 2012 in Specials

By Adityajit Singh Kang:

Sitting here in this cafe, I stare out of the window wondering about all that surrounds me and all that happens around me, lost in my deep thoughts and brainstorming about almost every other random thing- Do I have real friends? Am I fat? How will I finish my 5000 word essay? Why am I single? How will I cope up? Do I have an awkward expression on my face right now? Why is it that I can’t relax? God knows what else.

Really? Was it worth it? Today when I look back, I realise that I was supposed to take a break from all the assignments that I was doing. But did it really happen? No. I might have taken a break from work “Physically” but mentally, my mind was not at rest.

Being a kid there were no worries, no pressures, there was “No Fixed Agenda,” and yes, most of all, “No Homework”. Friendships were innocent – made and broken in a matter of a few seconds. Quarrels happened only when it came to sharing a bar of chocolate, or a packet of “Gems” or potato chips. The only thing on the “To Do List” was “Eat, Play and Love.” A worry didn’t last a second as we gave into the joy of playing on the swings and coming down a slide. We really never cared what we looked like. It was so easy to forget and forgive. A candy was the biggest bribe that could be offered and you could easily get a kiss on the cheek from the cutest boy/girl if you gave them an ice-cream. In short, “Life Was Simple.”

But you know what? Life is simple and always has been simple. I also agree that there are tough times and troublesome nights when unexpected things happen that turn our lives around for the good or bad, or there are times when things are unpredictable and topple around our “Conventional Universe.”

But seriously, why do we do all that unnecessary thinking? The kind of thinking that I mentioned in the starting of the post. Is it really required? I mean seriously, why do we do it? This is how our lives actually start getting complicated in the first place. Life’s simple and good, but with all these superficial thoughts we start falling into the deep gutter of the so called, “Complicated Life Syndrome.” I am just like any other person out there and I am no better. But I do realise that I need to cut down on what all I think. Pressurising my brain with all these silly thoughts is not good.

But you know what, I really can’t help it! I am a teen with stupid hormones rushing in my veins that really make weird things happen. The only thing that I have come up with is that I really need to control my thoughts and limit the “Obsessive Thinking Disorder”. If I am doing a specific work I should concentrate on that particular thing and if I am relaxing/taking a break, I should just let go off all my worries and as all my friends say, “Chill”.

So as I end this post, all I would say is that as my order arrived on my table (Hot-Chocolate and Strawberry Waffles with Cream – I know you are jealous), I just held the mug and felt my body warm up through the flaky skin of my hands. Who needs to watch “Man V/s Wild” to survive in winters? I thank God for Hot-Chocolate. Later I dig into the pure pleasure of my strawberry waffles with a thick serving of cream. Yum. All my worries suddenly disappear and I say to myself, “Life’s good. Keep it simple”.