A Student’s Race Of Being Versatile- Need Of Today’s Age

Posted on June 14, 2012 in Education

By Gauri Jagatap:

In a country where the competition and rush to get into ‘good colleges’ begins just after matriculation, education has become more about marketing yourself in the right way and working towards it. Parental pressure, peer pressure, self pressure et al ensure that the youth today works toward ‘standing out’.

We have social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; a way for the social stratum to acknowledge our presence. Now, we also have sites like LinkedIn and WordPress; a way to create a place in the academic and professional stratum. Just go through a few well maintained LinkedIn profiles. You might have never thought that such geniuses ever existed.

We have people juggling two internships at a time. People getting themselves involved in several projects. With meagre facilities for world class education at a post-graduation level, the youth today strives towards fulfilling their dreams by investing hugely in extracurricular academic work. While the efforts can be justified by the return of investment in terms of securing admissions to acclaimed foreign institutes, the extent of involvement often results in high stress levels. As well, there is a constant contemplation in choosing between academics and extracurricular projects or other interests.

Being a student pursuing her graduation in engineering, I can very well vouch for the fact that I there has always been a conundrum in choosing academics and working towards my interests. The Indian education system for graduation is to an extent, ill-equipped to train students efficiently for post graduation studies.

While most admissions are still based on the grades secured after graduation is complete, there are several people ready with highly coveted resumes adorned with internships in the best of companies and the most extensive project-work. Then again, the pursuit for an answer to academics versus interests. While it is encouraging to note the increased involvement of students in research work it is left to ponder upon the value of education that the Indian education system thrives to imbibe among the youth.

Enough has been said about the entrance-exams culture for admission to graduation colleges. The scenario for that to post-graduation colleges isn’t exactly decent enough either.

After spending strenuous efforts to get into the best engineering colleges, students don’t really get the best out of engineering colleges. Students no longer rely on good grades but on their own work apart from academics to speak for themselves and hence learn to market it as well. Many have become open to embracing this culture. It can be just left to see if the Indian education system is open to reforms so as to dilute this culture and support young students who seek to pursue a future of their choice.