A View Of Delhi Residing The Heart Of Dilliwalas

Posted on June 27, 2012 in Specials

By Smriti Rana:

India’s capital, New Delhi comes first in everyone’s list when they think of the best places to dwell in India. People are drawn towards it because of a reputation of being so called “open” society (which basically just means that the people here have a “modern” approach to seeing things). It is known for a high standard of living along with complete and utter freedom, traits that make it all the more attractive to women in particular , and everyone in general .

But does this city live up to everything it stands for? Women face rape, and the police throw the blame on them: “Out late at night in ‘chotey kapdey’? She was asking for it” they say. Infanticide, abortion, theft, murder; you name it, it’s there. But why have we, as denizens of this wonderful place forgotten all that makes it beautiful? In being so cynical and jaded about our view for our city, we’ve forgotten about all the little things about it that appealed to us.

All we see is evil, you say? But I beg to differ. For one girl who is molested, hundreds stand up in support. For one victim murdered, thousands come on the street in protest. In this city full of people from a plethora of different cultures and beliefs, all as different as can be, act as one when needed. We’re united in the face of problems. We speak up in matters of importance, whether it be debating over who is to be the next president or haggling about the best price for something we want in the Janpath market. The roadside vendors selling momos, chaat and chuski, troubled mothers dragging their crying kids out of shops, picnics at night in India Gate; these are the small things here that make us call it home.

I think it’s high time we change our mindset and crawl out of the little negative bubble we’ve formed around us. Yes, there are a lot of problems here but every day we work towards making it just a little bit better. And when has there ever been a place that’s perfect? No matter how much you complain about the dirt in your own house, eventually you’re going to have to clean it up yourself. But this article isn’t about the problems or how to get rid of them. There’ve been many of those with more to come.

No , this isn’t the time to criticize the city with all its inconveniences , neither is it time to come up with a million different solutions on how to get rid of all the complications. Now, more than ever, is the time to remember what made us call it home in the first place. We need to keep in mind, everything the city has given us and everything we continue to take from it. The prospects it offers and all the little things that make us proud of being called “Dilliwalas”.