An Open Letter To ACP Dhoble, Mumbai [For His Attack On The City’s Nightlife]

Posted on June 20, 2012 in Society

Dear ACP Dhoble,

I really need to know this. I am a 26 year old who likes to party. Does that make me a whore?
Reading your statement saying I want youngsters in bed by 11pm, I really wonder what authority you have to dictate to me the time of night when I should sleep.

The ‘moral’ cop with a hockey stick: ACP Dhoble

For your kind information, not all girls who party are prostitutes and not all men talking to them are customers. I party till the wee hours of the morning regularly with my brother. My brother comes to pick me up late at night outside the party venue. Besides, I and my senior citizen father party often when we wish to. Does that make them my customers?

A few months back, a group of girls, including I threw a bachelorette party for a friend who was to be married and leaving for the UK. Yes, that party included liquor, non-vegetarian food and a lot of indecent jokes. All the women in the group were above 25 and from decent families. They were partying till late into the night. What do you have to say about that? Were we attracting attention from men to pick us up for a romp?

I, along with my family often go for eat-outs at your so-called shady, smokey joints. You say that means we will now get arrested. You say we should not eat out with our own money? Often, when we work late and are hungry, we find ourselves outside Churchgate station eating burji-pavwala or Bun maska. Will you arrest us for satiating our hunger?

Mr. Dhoble, the women you recently arrested are from very decent families. They are wives, mothers and sisters. Yet in one night, you have degraded their modesty because of your manghadan accusations.

Besides, you should know something. The youth often have weird cravings for Raste ka khana at 2 am too, well past your sleep-by hour. Thank goodness Mumbai is, or say, was a lovely city to provide us hungry souls food at any time. For example, I and my brother regularly go out for a drive in search of chai or anda pav at 3 am, or pom pom idli anna at 4 am or vada pav at Azad or a misal pav or Bun Makka outside Churchgate station or even plain Chinese food.

During exams, we girls take our bikes late at night to freshen up our minds. Will you arrest us for breathing in fresh air? That too when our parents know where we are.

Mumbai doesn’t need your rule. In case you don’t know, you are killing the tourism that thrives on Mumbai’s famous nightlife. Not many are interested only in museum tours and star shows? With your atrocities, Mumbai will never become Shanghai, instead it will turn into Afghanistan. Every kid who is out have parents to take care of them. You are not our father to tell us what we should do and when we do it. There are lot many important issues in Mumbai to be tackled, please get that done instead of breaking your head on trivial matters.

Not at all yours sincerely
A Young Mumbaikar