Are Young People The True Builders Of A Nation?

Posted on June 1, 2012 in Specials

By Pooja Solanki:

Best quoted as the “builders of the nation”, youth are really a part of revolutionary changes a country witnesses. History is evident of their dedication and sacrifice for the upliftment and betterment of a society, nation and humanity. From previous generations to today, youth are an integral part of an incredible change. But the question arises here is that the system, the one in which we are living in, is the result of rules and regulations laid by the senior citizens for all of us to follow, what part youth has to play.

The scenario is on a constant alteration. Scientific progress and technological advances have brought development to many parts of the world. But the contributions of the youth, in any regard, are not the ones to be neglected. The youth are best described as the greatest wealth and strength of any nation. But one needs to realize this power and exploit it in a constructive way.

The young guns ought to be constantly motivated to take up jobs of national and social interest. Individuals posses far-fetched intellect and vigour which needs to be harnessed. This goal could be achieved by increasing participation of the youth in social activism and advocacy. Today, every aspect, fragment and niche of society requires people who are alert, organized, talented, and have a will to work beyond any complications, troubles and hitches. This exceptional possession is of the youth. If their creativity, might and astuteness is used in a productive way, it would definitely assure the overall growth and development of a nation. Here, the spirit to take initiative and bring about action-oriented change remains the primary requirement.

The right kind of education would be a more intensive challenge here because the right education would inculcate in them to be the capacity to be scientific, logical, open-minded, self-respecting, responsible, honest and patriotic. If these virtues fail to be imparted, our youth cannot walk in the desired way and they will remain in a deep dissatisfaction.

Unless they are showed the right way, this very energy of the youth can get over to the other, “darker” side and become destructive and dangerous for the society. The formative years of human beings are crucial, as they are marked by the need for development of “immature” brains. And in this formative development, young minds can be molded, in ways for both good as well as bad motives. Terrorism, today, is a phenomenon that is expected to be sustained over the years for the fact that organisations dealing in such activities are able to capture the minds of young people and instill in them ideas that justify the use of violence for “the greater good”.

Citing the above, it can be said that the creation of an alert and responsible citizen, all lies in the hands of the many institutions of our country, be it family, society or government. The impeccable energy and spirit of the youth should be given right direction and only then will they be transformed into responsible individuals, willing to use their energy and intelligence for progress, and usher in success and prosperity to the nation and the world.