Blame It On Thy Neighbour- The Quintessential Blame Game

Posted on June 17, 2012 in Society

By Harshit Rana:

We always thought it was a gimmick used by the unstable political establishments like erstwhile Soviet Union and Pakistan. There is an unrest in Baluchistan —blame it on India, Bangladesh became a separate nation which was a failure of the two nation theory —blame it on India , not all parts are happy in the Soviet Union — blame it on the ‘bourgeois forces of America and Britain’.

Not any more now we have our very own Ms. Mamta (MS Word spelling check says it should be ‘Mata’ but I disagree ) Banerjee who can blame Hungary, Venezuela, North Korea and many other nations at the same moment for ‘conspiring’ together for the poor economic condition of ‘Poshchim Bongo’ (according to spelling check it should be Posh Him). But she has got a very unnatural ally in the government of Haryana, no Mr. Hooda has not supported Mukul Roy for presidency, but it is a different case. The matter is that the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) has said in a public statement yesterday that the cause of frequent power cuts in the southern part of the state is — China, yes you read correctly they said that due to the ‘favorable policies’ of the Chinese government, state of Haryana did a deal with the country where the Chinese supplied transformers and turbines to DHBVN and those proved to be of a very poor quality (which Chinese item is ever of a ‘very good quality’ by the way? ) and due to the ‘high stature and power’ of the suppliers, they neither complained nor returned or replaced the items and hence there was low power generation in state and as the state couldn’t ‘afford’ electricity at the rates of Rs.12 per unit from the National Grid therefore people have to suffer electricity cuts.

It raises some big questions-first for example being, should the buyer be frightened of the seller? If this is the problem then what is the solution? Are we going to suffer till eternity because the government can neither complain nor buy more electricity? But these are still not the biggest questions. The bigger one is why are we developing this tendency to blame anything and everything on other nations and especially the neighboring ones ? Just the other day we found the minister of state for PMO saying that Team Anna had members supported and funded by ‘external forces’ and before that it was some other cabinet minister saying the protests against Kudankulam Power Plant were externally funded. Why are we developing a tendency of blaming and doing nothing after all it is a ‘Pakistan thing’ we should focus on the solutions to the problems instead of playing a blame game.