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Choosing The Right Career

Posted on June 25, 2012 in Education

By Ashna Mishra:

Career definitely is a very significant aspect, prioritized by everybody throughout the world. And why not? It is an individual’s greatest progress and a challenge through life after all. But there’s something even more challenging than one’s career. Not beating around the bush, it is the ‘choice of career’. Or rather the ‘correct choice of career‘.

Times have changed and so have people’s thinking regarding the choice of career. This article would deal with the change in phases and further change in the choices of career.

There was a time when not only the choice of career but career as a whole didn’t matter at all. Pacing some hundred years back, nobody bothered about it. I would refer this phase as the ‘carefree phase’ as the life people led at that time was more or less care-free when it came to career. Most of the individuals just had to carry forward their fathers’ trade or the lineage profession. However, the educated few had alluring avenues for them with negligible struggle.

Then, came up an all new phase with the succession of years, which saw a significant rise in the number of educated people. The people now began dissecting from the inherited jobs and there emerged a few career options on the top such as engineering and medical. A few commenced to realize the need of planning when it came to career.

The past decade, however, has witnessed an evident and marked change in people’s thinking about the choice of career. This phase has both concerned parents as well as equally worried students. It has now become imperative to plan out the choices well. And, this is really commendable that we have such concerned people in the country. The growth in the number of students opting for fields other than those traditionally termed as reputed fields is also worth appreciating. More and more students today are opting for fields of personal interest.

But what is shocking to note is that despite all the developments in the thinking of the people and the advancement of various new career opportunities, there still are students who while choosing their career, do not consider their interests and abilities and instead still have a very narrow thinking limited to the consideration of only a few aspects. The most common of these aspects includes “choice of career which is deemed to fetch more money” and a “choice of career which seems to provide optimum time for leisure”. Both of these, however, are nothing more than mere misconceptions. The students before making such choices must realize that things are not actually the same as they seem to them. Okay, even if you get a good job, would you ever be able to enjoy what you would do? Never! It would rather always be like a burden.

Thus, we need to understand that the task of choosing a career is both important as well as difficult. The choice of career should be made taking into account the individual’s taste and inclination and not by accident or sheer force of circumstance. You definitely need to make a wise choice which you do not regret making in the later phase of your life. Lastly, what counts is sticking to your choice.