Flaws Of The Reservation System- When Will We Rectify Our Mistakes?

Posted on June 2, 2012 in Education

By Pooja Solanki:

Few questions about our country are mind-wobbling and this one certainly irks you- India being a secular country, why does it have a reservation system based on religion and caste?

The Constitution of India introduced reservations for the weaker sections of society like the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in order to safeguard their rights and provide them with opportunities. With time, 27% reservation for the Other Backward Classes (OBC) was also included. And yet again, there would be a ‘new reservation’ in the system!

The Andhra Pradesh High Court this week quashed the 4.5 percent sub-quota to minorities carved out of 27 percent OBC reservation. The sub-quota was announced by the Centre in December last year for socially and educationally backward classes of citizens belonging to minority communities. They declared the minorities be allotted seats out of the 27% for OBCs and also provide them with jobs in Government offices. The Andhra HC ruled that the sub-quota was based on religious grounds and not on any other consideration which led to its repealing.

The Centre never fails to hurt the sentiments of the common people, especially ours, the youth. Instead of admitting a student in its premier institutes purely on the basis of merit, they are using religious tactics to play dirty politics. The vote back game is on again as the Centre dissatisfied by the court’s verdict, is ready to move to the Supreme Court regarding the issue.

We as Indians are self-proclaimed secularists. But our government doesn’t thinks so. Even after 65 years of independence, we are in the clutches of a religious supremacy. It’s erroneous to say that reservations shouldn’t exist at all, but, at least not the way it’s framed in our Constitution. The economically deprived classes like the Below Poverty Line (BPL) people should be provided with reservations and concession in fees because the jewels among them hardly get a chance and end up being in undesirable professions.

The society has conceived reservation with mixed reactions. Some feel it is for the empowerment of the backward classes while others perceive it in a negative manner. The most affected by this socio-political drama is the youth. Most of us fail to get admission in the premier and esteemed institutes like the IITs and IIMs. The petty reason- We fall short of few marks as the seats were already full! Even the government office has reserved seats for the SCs, STS and OBCs. In all, the Open Category candidates are devoid of chances to study in respected colleges and get lucrative jobs.

A youth is the building block of a nation. Does the reservation system mean keeping out a deserved one and let a not-so-deserved to run our country? The administrative system of our country doesn’t run smoothly because of the inefficient men. Now the question of the hour- Why have a system which doesn’t ensure effectiveness? In the past there had been cases of people agitating about the vexed issue, demonstrating on the streets against the government policies and a youngster even set himself ablaze in order to protest against the system. The sacrifice of that poor man never ever changed anything. Also, there are many who ended their lives because they were not able to make it to the top or at least seek admission or get a good government job.

The lives of the young guns are at a stake. If the reservation is the root of many agonies of us, there are many others which have stemmed our problems. The only question one would raise to the government- are you listening and would like to act in our favour or would still be playing vote bank politics?

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