India Tops Maternal Mortality List: Can the Midwives be Trained to Help the Crisis?

Posted on June 5, 2012 in Society

By Anavil Jaiswal:

The human existence and the sustenance owe much of the credit to a woman, a mother. It is she who undergoes immense pain for such a long time to give us a place on this planet. All our joys, our dreams, our lives flourish under the supreme guidance of a mother. It is she who sacrifices almost whole of her life for us. So, can one repay or at least try to do so for all her deeds? Is she given enough support while she suffers the pain of pregnancy? Is she comfortable enough? The situation is horrifying.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1,000 women globally die every day due to complications from pregnancy or delivery. In fact, according to the United Nations, it is estimated that the numbers of maternal deaths globally could fall within a range of 277,000 to 817,000 per year. Despite 59% drop, India tops maternal mortality list. Many babies breathe for the first time in the open on the streets. Gosh! These are merely numbers; just feel how terrific the actual situation is. So, what can be done to help the scenario? This devastating situation is starting to change, thanks to the application of midwifery that keeps babies at home in their mother’s arms, nursing within an hour of delivery. A midwife is one of the persons who can assist a pregnant woman. She also helps care for the newborn and assists the mother with breastfeeding. They can provide prenatal care, assist with childbirth, provide postpartum care, and offer routine gynecological services. They can assist childbirth even at home, which helps the lack of proper space available in the hospitals and other medical centers. Also, at home one feels more comfortable than being in the filthy conditions in some hospitals in our country.

If the midwives are trained effectively related to the complete procedure can help the issues tremendously. Though they already do some good work, however if they are well trained, it will remove all their doubts, making them more confident and successful in their work. The training would help them deal more hygienically and efficiently. This will also prevent the rising maternal mortality rate and even the sorry death of the infants. There are many institutes who provide structured courses to facilitate the training; one of them being is Birth India. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and sort out the issue by searching for the feasible ways like involving the role of “Well Trained” midwives.