Let That Real Face Show, Shun That Makeup! Be Loved For Who You Are

Posted on June 17, 2012 in Health and Life

By Ektha Fatima Dsilva:

There is a song by Enrique Iglesias and it’s called ‘Naked’, my favourite part of the song is this line that the girl sings and it goes ‘‘tell me baby will you be here when I wake up, even with no makeup, I don’t wanna fake it”.

A make-up-less face, is that acceptable today? Whatever happened in dinosaur time, in Julius Caesar time, did Cleopatra go over-board? Is affection granted to lips without any stain, under eye circles showing, patchy skin visible, puffy eyes and the list goes on.

I don’t mean to pick flaws but I regard these as true morning face baggage. There is a killing need to be perfect and to carry a mystical face. I remember this stigma prevailing if you did not fit the ‘wow‘ category or the ‘natural beauty‘ group. But I did not know it would continue to be in your face even beyond the boundaries of high school. May be I expect guys to grow up or something. I recently went to watch a football match played by local teams at the nearby club out of interest and that I happened to have two good friends playing there. The number of females there was comparatively low for obvious reasons. That evening being a summer evening, I just pulled out a tee and jeans and wore them, brushed my hair and walked off to the stadium. I never even dreamt I would be committing a crime that evening, something really disgraceful and unacceptable to the guys. Drum roll please, I went ‘make-up-less‘.

Man it was just a football game! I wasn’t a cheer leader; I didn’t have to look ‘wow-doll-face-type’. I managed to turn faces but obviously not for compliments. Rather people spoke as if seeing a face not primed with makeup hurt their eyes. And just so that you know I’m not the sort of person who wears make up all the time. And at the most you can find me at a function/party with kohl, lip-balm and some blush-which is nothing in girl terms.

Dear guys-who-can’t-face—a-makeup-less-face, please learn to be accepting because some day you will have to wake up and see a face beside you without makeup, and that my friend is the most natural face of a loved one. It is bare and may seem unattractive because we our minds are programmed to compare with a done up face but nevertheless that is a real face. And to love that is ‘real’ love.

And a kind word to the ladies out there, a-morning-face might be something you prefer hiding, but sweethearts we need to be a bit more brave and let that real face show. Makeup is fun and nice and must be kept within limits. We should start our day by loving that face you see in the mirror first. And trust me everything else will follow. I’m working on this and loving it. Take one day at a time and you will feel great. Accept yourself first and others will do the needful.