Life Behind Bars- A Real Insight Into The Terror

Posted on June 12, 2012

By Adeena Jamal Ahmad:

You have seen fancy courts in larger than life movies, men walking around wearing black and white striped uniforms in the jail, and extremely law abiding lawyers. Now step into the reality. This is a world where trials take years to end, the jails are overcrowded and men are accused of gory crimes they never committed. To bring the spotlight to the sorry condition of the jails, this article is to elucidate upon the sad story of criminals in our country.

So everybody is well aware of how the Indian system functions. With loopholes garlanding the entire system of criminal justice, the pity state of affairs is that the country has absolutely no transparent state of affairs. When some one hears about jails they see a dingy locked up room and bad food. However what the world is not aware of is the sad state of affairs our country is undergoing.

Jails. From bad food wherein watery dal, rice with minute stones, and drinking water that has worms in it. One is subjected to third degree torture while in prisons. The inmates are beaten with iron rod. Imagine. You are undergoing a trial that you never committed. You are sent to a jail, and you are served with iron rods, extreme heat, inedible food, crammed wards, and the worst of all torture. When I say torture , I do not mean only physical hitting. I mean torture that scars a soul for years. A young boy of 18 is at times subjected to such pressure where even he might not be at fault when his surroundings are so brutal it will only be bound to make worse of him.

As reported by Non-Governmental Organisations, canteens which are supposed to provide food for inmates has turned to a business par commendable. Tenders are passed for people to take up the contract. The quality of the food provided is of the lowest quality. Food provided is also differentiated as it depends on your paying capacity. The food given is adulterated. How will one survive when you have water like dal, rice with debris in it? Obviously, even here people with money take the cake away and at the better end of receiving better quality of food. The food provided to inmates who have paid the Superintendent can have items like milk which is only provided to people who have special requirements which indicates people who are sick and in need of food for recovery purposes.

It has been reported that a gruesome incident took place where a boy with his entire face bleeding was brought in the troddy area (the troddy area is the area where the police officers sit). His hands and feet were tied together and made to lie on two chairs with his face towards the ground. His feet soles were beaten with a iron rod. This was all in search of a blade that he had used in a prisoners fight.

Also, the availability of medicines is nil. For all the illness and diseases the medical staff provides paracetemol or bruffen amongst other basic prescriptions as the medical aid. The pharmacy sells the medicines outside the jail and takes monetary benefits out of them. So evidently, curing the prisoner is not the agenda on the minds of these people who constitute the medical staff.

As evident, the jails are supposed to be for reformatory purpose. With the kind of treatment meted out, it is rather obvious that a man is only turning more animalistic in his behavior. Even the little sentiments that might be present are sucked out of a human who still has not been declared a prisoners or a criminal.

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