The Haunt Of The Tech Savvy

Posted on June 7, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Aditya Thakur:

The sub title at says, “Tips, Tricks and downloads for getting things done” and that is exactly what the site provides. The range of articles is huge, ranging from small things such as using a paper clip to keeping your tie straight, to more serious topics such as how to stay motivated and avoid slacking off while working from home, and much more.

Founded by Gina Trapani in 2005, Lifehacker is a comprehensive collection of very useful articles and tips that will make anyone’s life much easier and pleasant. Gina Trapani is a very successful web developer, tech blogger and writer and she led Lifehacker till 2009. Since then it has been led by Adam Pash who’s also a software developer and writer.

Most of the articles are focused on software, internet and productivity. There are other categories and many more useful articles as well. Besides articles by the in house writers many articles are just introductions to articles by other bloggers with a link to their blog. The articles are precise, well written and to the point. They are written in an easy to understand style. The comments section is pretty interesting to read as well and you can always have a feisty discussion with someone in the forums.

The layout of the site is simple and uncluttered. The sometimes annoying google adsense links and affiliate links are missing and the only advertisements are for other websites created by the parent company, Gawker Media. This makes it pretty easy to the eyes and makes for a comfortable read.

Visit Lifehacker whenever you want some useful tips about a topic or just want to entertain yourself in your free time. If you need to improve your productivity or just want to learn to manage any of your many electronic devices better, just go to Lifehacker. And if you think you have some tip that can help many people in today’s modern, fast paced life, to save some time or increase productivity or just make something easier for them, then you can send in your own tip as well. You can subscribe to the site to receive daily updates about new articles. It is definitely a site worth bookmarking.