Singapore: A Travel Review

Posted on June 19, 2012 in Travel

By Anuja Tandon:

Singapore, often described as the new, smaller and safer version of The United States, is breathtaking in its beautiful landscaping. The immaculate layout plan of the country is very soothing to the eye. If you are considering a trip this summer with limited budget as well as to enjoy all the excitement that a developed country offers then Singapore is the place to be. From its amazing nightlife to beach parties in Sentosa island, from its romantic quays to very cheap and reasonable China Town, Singapore promises to be a big package deal.

I would try to take you on a digital tour of Singapore through this article. So pack up your pens and notepads and write the spots that are the talk of the town.

Our trip starts with a casual bus tour of the city. After seeing the old and new buildings of Parliament of Singapore and Supreme Court (the new building’s big, round, shiny alien spaceship like look calls for applause for the innovative architect!) we stop our bus to enjoy a ride of the Singapore Flyer! The giant Ferris wheel  reaches 42 stories high, making it the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The speed with which it moves is maddeningly slow but the top view makes up for the snail ride.

After this we once again face the yearlong heat (so keep your shades ready!) to take a boating tour of the Singapore river. Along the stretch of the river, Singapore’s past, present and future are inextricably intertwined. The boat ride takes you past the Boat, Clarke and Robertson Quays. The view of colorful buildings, open air cafes and skyscrapers is very entertaining to watch especially when a guide is telling you the history of Singapore.

Our next stop is to see the statue that acts as a mnemonic for Singapore, The Merlion ( statue with a face of a lion and the body of a mermaid).  This one is the mother Merlion with the baby Merlion right behind her. At 8.6 meters tall, this is the original statue, the problem is, and she is always vomiting water. It is located in The Merlion Park.

At night if you want Indian food, there is always Little India, a place where all the India restaurants and shops are located. The main attraction of this area is the Mustafa Mart. There are currency exchange offices right outside the mart. If you can shop in a cluttered, crowded place you are in for a treat. It offers latest electronic items at really low prices. From clothes to eateries everything is available in this mart but the ambience is not that great.

You can spend your next day roaming in malls but they are like those in India but more posh. If you are on a tight budget or a sea food savvy you shouldn’t miss the China Town. It is like a Sarojini market in terms of commodities and their pricing. The sea food variety available there is amazing. From fishes to squids to freshly caught (from their fish tank) lobsters it is heaven for some people. Although beware of pickpockets!

Your evening can be spent in Night Safari, Singapore’s zoo. You will be welcomed by a fire show which will leave you awestruck. However after that, the long line to get to the train which will take you for a ride can be a bit boring but various exotic animals like striped hyena, golden jackal etc. make up for it. There is also a ‘Creatures of the Night’ show, which is a chance to showcase the animals of the zoo. The witty anchoring and the excitement of maybe being a part of the show will make you smile throughout.

Be sure to book a cab to take you home beforehand otherwise you will find yourself waiting for hours to find a free cab after the show ends.

The next two days you should book for Sentosa island. The house of the Father Merlion and the illegitimate child merlion, it has a resort , amusement park, beaches, entertainment shows, restaurants and what not.

The 4- dimension show telling you the history of Singapore, the seal and dolphin show, the underwater world (which contains the weirdest insects and fishes you have ever seen) are just a few. The skyline luge sentosa, Sentosa rollercoaster are the main attraction rides.

However the main fun starts at night. The Sounds of the Sea show  is the world’s only permanent show set in the sea – boasting spectacular pyrotechnics displays, water jets, laser show and flame bursts a live cast and an open-air viewing gallery which can comfortably accommodate 2,500 visitors. It is the kind of show which is suitable for all ages and believe me I have seen even 6 months children to grow quiet when the show starts!

Be sure to book you tickets to Singapore during the festive season and tell you agent to get you the entrance tickets to the beach parties of Sentosa Island in advance. The good music, waves, good food are an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed.

The best way to end the trip is to spend a night relaxing and lounging in the all night bars and restaurants of Singapore, mainly in the three Quays with a beautiful view of the river to prepare you to pick up the thread of your routine life again.