Summer Getaway: By the Sands of Goa

Posted on June 1, 2012 in Travel

Summer is here and if your mind is set to get some tan and have a walk in that soft sand by the beachside, then Goa is the right place for you. The sun-soaked state  offers a melange of  beaches situated across the whole of Goa. Besides being an abode to a number of beaches, it’s a hub of rich flora and fauna owing to its proximity to the Western Ghats which is referred as a biodiversity hotspot.

The beaches of Goa offer you the best time for a chill-out in this scorching summer. Let your spirits free on these exotic beaches. Opt for a footwear-less walk in that unspoiled sand or go sporty! The Goa coastline lets you indulge into water sports such as wind surfing, water skiing, water-scooters and dolphin spotting cruises.

Goa is best in terms of giving you a getaway from your daily routine and be a perfect place for stress- buster as it has many beach towns with relaxed ambiance. The best part is you can hire a bike and travel to any of your favourite spot. You can gorge on exotic seafood which is a speciality of Goa. One might face some hitches, though, if he/she is vegetarian as Goan menu is full of non-vegetarian stuff.

Goa has presence of Indian culture intertwined with Portuguese influence. Most of Goa, especially the Old Goa, reflects the Portuguese heritage in forms of churches and old houses. The state helps you seek divine intervention owing to the presence of number of churches and temples. The most famous among all churches is the Bom Jesus Basilica which houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, regarded by many Catholics as the patron saint of Goa.

Usually the best time to visit Goa has been stated between November and February. The whole of Goa engages in a huge celebration for Christmas and New Year. Also the 3-day long Goa Carnival and the feast of St. Francis add much to your excitement. But if soaking some sun is your deal as you are tired of the recently gone biting cold, ‘Go Goa’, as they say.