Surface: Microsoft All Set To Capture The Tablet Market

Posted on June 23, 2012 in Sci-Tech

By Subodh Jain:

With the media interactions this Monday in Los Angeles, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stole the show by introducing a new type of computing- Surface. Reimagining from chipset to the usual experience, Microsoft has unveiled Surface, its own tablet to redefine the new capabilities and new scenarios of Windows 8.

Microsoft is a brand known for its great innovations from operating systems to mobile phones, ATM servers to NASA workstations. Amongst these, Windows is the heart and the soul of Microsoft. Microsoft Surface tablet runs Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT.

The company has made it clear that the two Surface models would have one running on Windows RT accompanied with AMD processor and the other with Windows 8 Pro with next generation Intel processors. For the whole new experience of entertainment and creativity, Surface specifications are quite nifty. RT Model weighs 676 grams, is 9.3 mm thin, supported by HD display. Comparatively PRO Model is heavier, weighing 930 grams and 13.5mm thicker. Surface is the first amongst all the existing tablets with dual high performance antennas to facilitate better Wi-Fi performance. Another distinguishing feature is its integrated kickstand enhancing your experience while watching videos.

The brilliant and appreciable idea is the engineering the Microsoft has applied on its protective cover that also acts like a rubberized keyboard and that attaches magnetically. This innovative attempt has revolutionized the field of tablets.

Although the Surface looks like an elegant device, many tech analysts are of the opinion that this is a dramatic step by Microsoft to ensure that Windows software continues to play a major role in the computing market. Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman Epps criticized Microsoft for not focusing on its key features compared to Ipad. For instance, how Surface could be superior in terms of its video calling service, Skype or motion sensor technology i.e. Kinect, while using pen as digital ink on the tablet. Also the officials did not say how long the Surface will last on battery power.

Despite differences in thinking, the excitement is high amongst the audiences. With time, Surface grounds would be much clear with respect to its ideology of create and consume, work and play. Definitely, with the launch of Surface, it’s a wakeup call to other tablet manufacturers.