The Cut Throat Race For The Admission Seats- Class 12 Students Get Their Shoes On

Posted on June 5, 2012 in Education

By Srishti Jain:

The result of class 12th has yet again touched milestones with about 25% more students getting marks above 90% than last year; which means that an even higher level of competition will be seen in the colleges especially in our very own Delhi University or DU as it is popularly referred to.

Even though the number of students appearing for board examinations is increasing every year, the numbers of seats in DU have remained more or less stagnant. The first preference of the millions is DU and that too the top colleges of the University. In a hoard to get admitted to such top notch colleges, the students are almost surpassing every limit; even scoring a 100%. But the seats in these top colleges have remained limited.

Why can these colleges not increase the student intake so that more students can be admitted in them instead of driving them crazy in the cut-throat competition? The answer lies in the fact that most of the top notch colleges are not newly built. They were started decades ago and have remained the same ever since. Their buildings have been recognized as heritage buildings by the government which does not give them the permission to make any “unnecessary” changes in their infrastructure. And the lack of space does not allow them to set up new buildings inside the campus area. As a result, these colleges are unable to increase their seating capacity which further results in a cut throat competition since the number of appearing candidates increases every year and the probability of every student getting admission in a top college decreases.

Last year the cut offs were determined on the basis of an analysis of the result without any applications made by the students for admissions in specific colleges. This led to over admissions in the university since the estimates of the university went haywire. This led to a serious problem regarding the infrastructure demands. Is there no way out? If these colleges cannot increase the number of seats, can the other relatively new colleges with much better infrastructure not be promoted to the level of these colleges? A few colleges have shown a ray of hope with their individual efforts towards academic and co-curricular excellence but still a lot needs to be done to change the mindset of students that all the colleges under the university are similar and making equal efforts. Also a few new colleges should be set up to increase the number of seats in proportion to the number of students applying for admissions.