The Garden City To The Garbage City- Bangalore Gets A New Name

Posted on June 4, 2012 in Society

By Anila Kurian:

We live in a metropolitan city where we have no time for anything at all. We wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home and repeat the same routine day after day. And on the weekends, we either prefer to stay at home or party like animals after a tiring week at work. We don’t have time to worry about anyone else’s problems. Oh heck, we don’t even have time to resolve our own problems! So could this luxurious and work-filled life that we’re living in, be the reason for us to not see the major social problems that are circling us each day?

Everybody loves to complain about the pollution in Bangalore. Are we all not educated enough to know the main reason for the pollution? Of course we are! The amount of traffic in each area of the city is worse than the other. Nobody denies that it’s bad to have a vehicle for your own because they do come in handy at most times. But is it really that necessary? Can’t we just adjust with the public transport that the government provides for us? This will also help you save up than spending on the amount of petrol you fill for your vehicle.

The luxurious life that we are leading is destroying our planet day by day. It’s told that we need 22% of forest on this planet for a balanced survival. Because of our greediness to success and materialistic possession, we have only 21% left. It might seem to be a small number but it’s a huge percentage difference. Deforestation is one of today’s main causes that all just choose to ignore because we want more buildings to touch the sky. There is no harm in constructing buildings, but we are not making a balance to plant a tree for the millions lost. The metro work itself has cut down umpteen numbers of trees but nothing to compensate with.

To make our luxurious life seem even more careless is the unhygienic environment that we all live in. Yes, we live in a city where there is no ‘space’ to dump our waste, but even when a space is given-like a dustbin- we throw our waste around the bin and not in them. Though we have a municipal system that collects the waste from each place, they don’t dispose them safely. To be honest, there is no such place like that! But it still makes us ignorant to litter all around us.

We all know that deforestation, the unhygienic environment and pollution are the major social problems that we face each day, but we are so glittered within our fantasy world that we refuse to do our part in it. If we stand up and do what we preach, our city will be luxurious and safe for us to live at the same time. It can be just by taking the bus once a week or throw the trash in the trash can or even make an attempt to recharge, because we need to start somewhere. It’s time we act instead of always talking about it.