The Menace Of Smoking In Public [An Experience]

Posted on June 13, 2012 in Society

By Harshit Rana:

Well we know there ‘is’ a law against smoking in public place but is it there to be enforced? Yes if you are a celebrity and stay in front of cameras, it is ,but if you are not don’t you worry smoke wherever you wish, there is no stopping you.

While traveling in Sirsa Express from Bhiwani to Delhi, I thought I could stop this paradox, after all we never try to complain to cops about it otherwise they would certainly stop it or is it? My experience says you won’t gain anything by such a futile exercise such as asking the person kindly (or harshly in which case you will get the typical reply ‘tere baap ki train hai?’) not to smoke, for those who have the kindness and ethics don’t smoke in public spaces. But you won’t gain anything from going to RPF as well for you would not have the time or energy to argue with a cop (incidentally with a ‘beedi in his mouth) that you don’t want to pursue the ‘case’ in court with all the problems he tells you but all you want is that the cop should ask the person not to smoke as you have a respiratory disease. This act has only been implemented to harass (or in some cases blackmail) celebrities and not to relieve us of the public smoking menace.