The New Initiative By Milaap- A Book Campaign For Rural Entrepreneurs

Posted on June 8, 2012 in Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism

By Srishti Jain:

Are you a successful professional who yearns to know how he can take the first step towards doing that something for the less fortunate, or are a student, a sedentary worker, a midwife, or anyone just born on this planet and is confused about how he/she should get started? How can he in his own little ways make a difference. Well then you grabbed the right piece of text for you.

Anoj Viswanathan was one such individual. He had everything a normal student would dream of – good academic record, degrees in technology and management from one of the best schools, a work experience to boast of in a CV, but then also there was a fire in him that only needed some wind to catapult him into starting a venture named Milaap (

In his own words- “The idea for Milaap was born during my stint at Orissa when I saw first-hand the difference made by solar lights to the poor households. At the same time, I also realized that these services reached only a few households and failed to make a bigger impact due to unavailability of low cost money for the poor. was founded with a simple mission — to connect flourishing Indians and its Diaspora with the working poor through charitable lending”

Milaap is the first micro-lending platform that enables anyone in the world to lend to India’s working poor. It combines the internet and human intent to create sustainable social change. Anyone from any part of the world can now lend as little as Rs 1000 or USD 50 to India’s working poor, enabling them the means to lead an improved standard of living. The process is simple. Choose a borrower. Make a loan. Get repaid. Recycle.

Coming to know of this venture I couldn’t control myself from knowing more about it, and even spreading the word. I don’t want to bore you by testifying the authenticity and transparency of the milaap network and system, will answer those questions for you, but what I really intend to do is harbor your will, a long lasting wish maybe which you once had and weren’t able to fulfill it because you didn’t know what to do about it! Milaap is surely the answer for you.

And even before you know it, there is even a bonus to it. Thanks to Varun Agarwal, another such determined individual like many of you out there.Varun Agarwal is a young engineer, turned entrepreneur, who’s now turned author and has just launched his first book.

Having known the struggles of being an entrepreneur firsthand, he is keen to ensure that entrepreneurs across India, especially the ones in rural areas get every possible opportunity to succeed. Which is why, he’s doing something unique. He is a filmmaker and has 3 startups-

Alma Mater: They make merchandise for students of schools and colleges

Reticular: A social media marketing company

Last Minute Films: A film production house

He thinks Milaap is a great initiative and his book is a perfect give to the lenders. We need more initiatives like these in our country. I would love to see where the organization heads from here on. He’s giving away copies of the book ‘How I braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company’ to anyone who makes a loan of Rs. 1000 ($25) on
4 simple steps:

1. You contribute to the author’s cause
2. The author gifts you his book
3. Money helps a rural entrepreneur
4. Get your money back in a year.

You can even track where your money goes and is in what hands. It’s a complete win win situation. Remember, there are still many copies of ‘How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company’ to be given out for free, all you have to do is lend Rs 1,000 or more to this cause and get your free book! Head over there and show your support for the cause. All is required of you is an intent to help and make a difference to the million lives out there who weren’t as fortunate as you are today. It’s unique, it’s innovative, it’s real. And it’s really happening.