The Party Culture: ‘Join Me for a Cocktail’

Posted on June 6, 2012 in Culture-Vulture

By Ashna Mishra:

‘Cause we’re gonna party all night long!

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It would actually be quite redundant to put forth such a question. Who doesn’t like partying after all? So, let’s talk about the latest partying trends, to begin with. Or rather, let us try and find out some words which comprehend the meaning in a subtle manner. Okay! So, Dance? Most of you would agree, I bet. Then, it could be Hukkah, Booze, Cigarette and what not!
Partying around is so common an action among the youth today. It, these days, has witnessed the emergence of a certain dominant meaning above all other meanings which are now recessive when it comes to the youth. Yes! Wondering what that dominant meaning is? Here it is — the much expected definition- A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement.

Well, this introduction was basically to gather your attention towards what I intend to talk about. Honestly, this article has nothing to do with informing you about “The Emerging Partying Trends” or “Ways to Make a Party Successful”. But, it definitely has something to do with the dominant meaning of Party mentioned above. Coming directly to the point, this article deals with the “forms of pleasure and amusement” the youth seeks nowadays.

Youth, these days, due to peer pressure as well as in order to win the race of “being cool” are inclined towards an entirely different level of amusement. And, most of you are well aware of the same. Hardly anywhere you would find the “old social gatherings” which acted as stress busters and a break from the mundane and monotonous lifestyle. Because now is the era where we witness the perpetual growth of parties, getting more and more rave and increasingly wild. Gone are the days when normal dancing with friends and cracking jokes amongst one’s entourage would do. Today, it’s not the friends’ circle that matters but what matters is the “pleasure”, which again is not of the old forms of amusement but a new distinct form. Let me just describe you my recent encounter with a friend at a party.

“Hey, I can’t dance without having a peg or two.”  

It was almost hysterical for me to hear what just struck my ears. But, this is exactly what the ground reality is. The youth today feels that there’s no enjoyment without “getting high”. I’m sure most (not everybody) of you would be of the same opinion. This is not all, it definitely has got more to it and we all know it quite well. Drinking is just one out of the many such forms of amusement, others being smoking, taking weed and the ‘coolest’ of all — rolling a joint.

This reminds of me of yet another encounter with two friends who were much involved in chain smoking throughout, quite similar to what most of you must have witnessed some time or the other. While, they chose to call it “addiction” and “stress buster”, I thought differently. Okay, for instance, let us take it as an addiction, but where does this addiction disappear when they are at their homes? This shows that it is not an addiction for it oddly goes to a deep slumber due to the fear of parents. Then, this definitely has got to be associated with “peer pressure” and their participation in the race to Coolville.

What is even more surprising and equally disturbing is the comprehension of such pleasure-seeking ways. It is that they take pride in what they do. Is smoking weed really something to be proud of? Well, I really doubt that!

Today, if you post a shirtless picture on Facebook, your friend would instantly comment — “bhai aap to STUD ho!” And, here begins the distortion in your reasoning of right and wrong. What is at fault is not the way but the ideology closely associated or related to it. It’s time people wake up, come out of the imaginary world and step into reality.

With this, let us just pledge that — “What is more of a phantasmagoria or a thing of Bollywood should not be allowed to take roots in our personal lives and reality.”