The Tibetan Crisis- Struggle For Freedom

Posted on June 15, 2012 in GlobeScope

By Sanjay Dudani:

Even after more than 5 decades of blood-shed and sacrifices by the Tibetans after they were first invaded by PLA in March 1959, China’s stand on Tibet remains unchanged and has more or less transformed their struggle into a “pyrrhic struggle”.

Independence, Dignity and Identity” is what I believe have been enshrined into the very doctrines of the human race and any attempt to vandalize them is a crime against humanity and I feel myself brutally murdered when I come across the number of self-immolation attempts by the Tibetan monks every single day which is nothing but merely a manifestation of the increasing frustration among Tibetans and gruesome Chinese crackdown on any attempt of dissidence. In this context it becomes almost indispensable to quote a few words from Xi-Jinping (the next Chinese premier) which he made in Lhasa this year. I quote “We shall thoroughly fight against the separatist activities by the Dalai’s followers and smash completely any plot that attempts to destroy the stability and jeopardize national integrity”. I’m scared to assert the fact that the journey for the Tibetans is going to be even more strenuous in the coming years.

Let me analyse a very common question that has been raised number of times regarding the negligence of the mainstream media and powerful politicians round the globe when it comes to Tibet. Is it apathy of the media or something else? The reason is very simple and sounds perfectly logical. The growing economic prowess of China (it is on the track to overtake U.S. by 2027 and is currently the second largest economy of the world) has forced the world leaders to mitigate their moral sentiments and culminate their economic benefits. With the euro-zone in deep crisis and China being the single largest holder of the U.S. treasuries (around $600 billion) all the leaders from Merkel to Obama are queuing for Beijing to purchase Euro bonds and rescue their paralysed economy. In such a situation they are increasingly scared to annoy China and thus are reluctant to rake up the Tibetan issue.

So, keeping in mind the recent spate of events should we assume that “Tibet is a lost cause”? As an optimist, I can still see a silver lining in this cloud. Hitler once said “success without struggle is merely a victory
but success with struggle is a never-forgotten history”

I can only exhort the Tibetans to keep their spirit alive because it was determination that helped the Indians to win their freedom, it was once again the same determination that led to the victory of the Egyptians over their dictators and it will be the same determination that will liberate the Tibetans from the Chinese.