The Troublesome Time: Where Are We Heading?

Posted on June 22, 2012 in Politics

By Natasha Karmakar:

1947: India finally broke the shackles of British dependence.
1980s: Introduction of LPG policy heading Indian economy towering heights.

Long gone are those days, when such headlines made space on the front cover of leading newspaper. Reading them, thousands and lakhs of us felt secure and hoped for an enlightened future for us and our children. But alas, headlines today like-

“Underage children in Kutch survive by eating mud”
“Four unidentified dead bodies found locked in a room, police suspect property matter”
“CWG Chief Suresh Kalmadi imprisoned in Tihar jail in parable of 200 crore scam”
“Kailangar T.V. Chief M. Kanimozhi held guilty in 2G scam”

……has slapped our expectations of prosperity and so called “enlightened future”. It is a shameful and hapless fate of Indians that even after 6 decades of “independent life” we have not been prosperous enough to make a mark on world’s map. The people in power or so called “servers of nation and law” do not actually live up to the commitments that they make during election manifestation. Today politics, as I visualize, is a boxing ring with politicians as boxers and prime minister as referee and people, the helpless audience/spectator having no option left but to put up with these avaricious bureaucrats and facing the nadir stage of their fortune. There was a time when protests and fasts were referred to as a peaceful yet powerful method to demonstrate against the evil force. But now it has become mere melodrama to earn publicity and a chance to be in a limelight. Mr. Anna Hazare and our recent heroes Mr. Ramdev and Mr. Narendra Modi are you listening?

Let me now turn the spotlight to focus on social evils of our nation. We have spent generations fiercely debating on these topics, dowry to child marriage, Polygamy to sati, and the very popular hot cake subject of the decade “honour killings”. Today reading newspaper or watching news channel no longer give you positive energy to mark a peaceful start of the day. Though over the pragmatic 63 years we as a developing country has achieved not only independence but also the much prestigious and honored N-deal, but when it comes to cordial relations with neighboring countries the practitioners of law choose to remain silent As a matter of fact, the boundaries between two provinces is much more widened with hatred and lost spirit of mankind than it seems.

Take an inevitable instance of India, with every possible terrorists attack we are not even an inch reluctant to point fingers towards Pakistan. Though all these decades many of the esteemed figures have put forth suggestions and ideas to make India a better place to live in. But they need to understand that mere ink imposed and humongously spent pacts and agreements cannot break the ties of brutality and hatred that have grown and strengthen over the years. But ultimately “Where are we heading” that is a question which needs to be answered promptly before it’s too late. Can we ever see nadir to zenith? Think about it.