“So You Have Your Grades? Now What?” What To Look For In A College [Part 3]

Posted on June 2, 2012 in Education

By Waled Aadnan:

In this section, we look into the prospects of those students who, well, have not made the colours fly with their grades. To begin with, let me tell you that even if you have marks that won’t get you into the best colleges, it doesn’t comprise the end of your career and your dreams. You can begin with mellowing down your short-term ambitions and rather grit yourself for the hard work that will get you back where you want to be.

To begin with, introspect as to why you have failed to shine at your Class 12 exams. The reasons may be many. But the important question one needs to ask oneself is whether one had been studying the wrong discipline for two years. It is very likely that the stream – Science, Commerce or Arts – you were studying wasn’t suited to your aptitudes. Without sounding preachy, it is important to understand that there is no hierarchy of the streams. And in fact, it is your aptitude alone that should decide what discipline you continue with into your college career. Check Part 1 of this series.

Another reason why your grades are low may be that you are not academically inclined and would do rather well in a professional course. Examples abound and include, but are not limited to hospitality, media, advertisements, navigational sciences and other rather out-of-the-box courses which may break the classroom monotony you had experienced over the years. Many institutes teaching professional courses do not place a premium on the marks you bring along but are instead interested in the practical skills, decision making ability and problem solving skills that you possess. So before you give up, consider your options carefully. You will not be the last person to be done a favour by bad marks.

In any case, most of the utility of the Class 12 marksheet ends once you gain admission into a college course. College is a fresh start, and rather than ponder on past mistakes and frustrations, make your way into the course that suits you most and carve a niche for yourself over the upcoming years.