“Where We Are Going, We Don’t Need Roads” Lied The Doc

Posted on June 24, 2012 in Specials

By Shashank Bhasker:

I recently saw one of the most acclaimed movie series “Back to The Future”. It made me wonderstruck to see most of the predictions made in the movie which was released way back in 1985 have become true in today’s world. But there was one glaring prediction which has gone askew! Can you guess what I am trying to hint at? Well it is the flying car which was invented by the scientist Doc Brown.

The half-mad half-crazy scientist had predicted that such cars would be available by the year 2015. Seeing this made me ponder if it was really possible and feasible to have such cars. Let me elucidate on why these fascinating to listen and see things are a distinct reality for our real world. Fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in their upright positions because as Doc Brown said, “Where we are going, we don’t need roads”.

We know how carefully drivers here in India follow the rules! Can you imagine the magnitude of destruction if flying cars were to be involved in accidents? Cars involved in crashes or running out of gas plummeting from the skies falling on poor unsuspecting pedestrians! If these predictions were to become true we need to have compound eyes. The fact that no one would like to have their car breakdown in midair is self-explanatory. There won’t be an option of pop the hood or getting out of the car to check out the problem. Gravity is going to have its way and its way is down. The cost of car insurance would sky rocket since the insurance is not about insuring the car alone but insuring a car that can fly! With our airline industry already lurching under debts I guess the automobile industry will also follow its footsteps if flying cars were to become a reality.

Another fact that intrigues me is would we have 2 licenses one for driving on road and the other gliding merrily in the air? The commercial pilots get an extensive training before they are allowed to fly so going by the same rules the entire population would need to be educated and trained for flying! I guess the government would love that since it would mean minting more money. Also considering the fact that the fuel prices are soaring and reaching new heights, making cars fly would consume more fuel. Adding additional expenses to the already depleted wallets of the “Aam Aadmi” doesn’t make much sense. Another bone of contention is bad weather. Imagine a lightening hitting your car or a strong gust of wind blowing you along with your car miles away! Under poor weather conditions managing a car on 4 wheels on the ground itself is a mammoth task, let alone one that’s already up in the air. Lastly flying in the air would mean trusting more on the equipment’s on board rather than your sight! Do you still think flying car is a cool option? Think again!