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A Possible Solution To Communalism: Rationalism

Posted on July 6, 2012 in Society

By Sukrati Rastogi:

Our political environment these days is very much influenced by Communalism. The word Communalism was first used during Commune of for electoral mobilization the communal appeal is used on a large scale. Communal riots have been adversely affecting harmony of India for the past 20 years.

Communalism is responsible for the spread of religious hatred and hostility, and, is therefore, regarded harmful to the healthy development of the society. The aim of communalism is to encourage religious prejudice .A particular religion stands against other religion or religions and also to regard one’s religion better and above the other religions.

In modern times, communalism entered into Indian polity during the British period when the colonial rulers adopted a policy of divide and rule to ensure the survival.

Communalism has played a major role in affecting the secular character of India. It has been one of the major problems persistent in India. It has always affected the unity of India and disturbed the prevailing peace and order in the country. Communalism has always been a major threat to the secular character of India. Time and again the people have suffered due to this extreme practice of religious fundamentalism.

Rationalism seems a possible answer for it. The solution to communalism is within the mindsets of people themselves. The change in the outlook and attitude of people towards the grave consequences of communalism will to great extent reduce the problem. We should unite and stand against it so that it fails in its very objective of spreading hatred in the society.

It is the duty of the educated citizens to propagate the adverse affects of communalism on the development of the country. We should take every possible step to avoid communalism from entering political, social and economical spheres of the nation. They are to be opposed not to be appeased.

In India, religion and caste should not be mixed with politics to maintain common brotherhood it also leads to unity and integrity of the nation could be attained and the ideology of sarva dharma sambhava should be encouraged amongst all.

Repeated and instigating media coverage that may induce communal prejudice and hatred should be censored.

Also the division of the society on the basis of majority and minority religion should be done away with. The policy of acquiring votes through such means has proven to be detrimental for India.

Communalism being contradictory to development, social change and democratic and social norms and building of nation on rational scientific lines and above all humanity could not be dealt leniently. Being stringent for discouraging spread of communalism is any day better than being mum and witnessing the people becoming thirsty for each other’s blood.