A Take On Rahul Gandhi’s Tactics To Gain Political Momentum

Posted on July 12, 2012 in Politics

By Ankit Varma:

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”

Rahul Gandhi, the crowned prince of Congress. “Poverty, communalism, corruption or social tensions, keep calm and call Rahul Gandhi”. Indian National Congress was marketing Rahul Gandhi as the wonder drug, cure for all the sufferings of the nation. The surname ‘Gandhi’ was a completely logical alibi for assessment or trial of any kind. This unshakable trust on DNA does not stem from the fact that Rahul Gandhi is the son of a former Prime Minister or grandson of Indira Gandhi. The fundamental reason for dynasty based politics is ‘Public Demand’. It’s largely based on exploiting the brand value without taking into consideration whether the product is capable enough.

Rahul Gandhi is certainly no stranger to the roughness and ruthlessness of Indian politics. The question whether he was forced into politics or was it his conscious decision is something only he can answer? But if one were to ask a question that has Rahul Gandhi lived up to the expectations or has he brought about any credible change is a certain no.

Rahul Gandhi still has kept himself away from the government. Congress says that he is busy strengthening the party. But what I fail to understand is how that benefits his claim of being cut-out for Prime Minister ship. At the end of the strengthening drill he might become an excellent politician. But will that prove that he has the managerial qualities of a Prime Minister. Will that prove that he is capable enough to lead a country of a billion people? Certainly all of the Prime Ministers made a humble start. Party related work was certainly a stepping stone, but they did not declare themselves a potential Prime Minister.

If he is good enough the people of the country will let him know, Congress should not stand on the rooftop and advertise this for him.

Apart form being an untested manager, Rahul Gandhi is fast turning into a political disappointment. The recent defeat in the UP elections has done a lot of damage his credibility. His recent absence from the political scene can not be passed off as a mere coincidence.

I believe the major reason for this is the over use ‘gesture based politics’ which the people are tired of, what the country needs today are solutions not gestures. Visiting houses of the poor, stopping projects can boost popularity but does not prove anything. Policies are more than capable of doing that.

Call it burden of expectations or just lack of political aptitude, Rahul Gandhi has been a big disappointment for his party and the country.