Abu Jundal And 26/11: Time For Pakistan To Take Control Of The Terror Situation Back Home

Posted on July 4, 2012 in Specials

By Abhishyant Kidangoor:

Naseer al-Bahri, who nicknamed himself Abu Jundal is now being convicted for the 26/11 terrorists attacks that shook not only Mumbai but the whole nation. The arrest and subsequent interrogation of Abu Jundal has given a clearer picture about the attacks. Abu Jundal, a Yemen national is alleged to have been a helper of Osama bin Laden and later became his bodyguard for six years till 2009. Jundal was also accused of having met several of the 9/11 hijackers in Afghanistan, prior to the attacks.

The 26/11 came as a shock to the country. Ajmal Kasab, the only attacker captured alive pointed out the connection of Pakistan to the attacks, which killed 164 people and wounded about 300. While Pakistan’s link to the attacks has always been speculated, the recent voice samples of Abu Jundal collected by India may confirm the fact. Jundal’s voice sample would be compared to the ones intercepted right before the attacks. The result of this test may put the entire situation in a new light.

The establishment of a control room for the attacks has been confirmed. However the government officials of India claim that such an activity would have been impossible without the aid from the state. Hafeez Saeed, the founder chief of Lashker-e-Taiba was also involved in the establishment of the control room. The investigation of the 26/11 attacks finds this discovery significant. Abu Jundal has also confessed to having gone to Pakistan illegally to train a group of Pakistani terrorists in Karachi. To add to the story, the latest reports claims that the David Headley, the American jihadi and Abu Jandal has pointed out to the same three Pakistani officials as being the planners and organizers of the 26/11 attacks. Pakistani officials have also claimed that 40 Indian nationals were also involved in the attack.

Pakistan’s refusal to admit the involvement of Lashker-e-Taiba and the usage of Pakistan soil for conniving in such a heinous act forces India to take a tough stance. It is being pressurized not only by India, but also by the United States of America to register a case under the Anti Terrorism Act against Hafeez Saeed and Abu Jandal.

A country which has a very rich heritage is looked down upon as being the hub of international terrorism. It’s high time Pakistan takes control of the situation and take tough action against these propagators of terrorism. Else it would be isolated not only by India but by the world as a whole.