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All film Lovers Gaga Over EEGA (Fly)

Posted on July 23, 2012 in Media

By Sirisha Akshintala:

Can a Housefly take a revenge on human? Yes! SS Rajamouli’s (South Indian Film Director) magnum opus “EEGA” (Fly) has proved it true in a perfect and, surprisingly, in a realistic manner. Taking a fly as a protagonist and showing the power even in its tiny body is now creating a huge buzz all over- a feat the makers of Telugu Cinema managed achieve. Call it EEGA (Telugu), NAAN EE (Tamil) and EECHA (Malayalam), the fact remains that it is flying high everywhere! The movie, which released as a multilingual movie, is running successfully in all states with steady collections.

EEGA is a simple story about a man, in love with a micro artist, who is then killed by an eccentric billionaire and reincarnates himself into a fly to take revenge. And remember folks, this is truly the ultimate revenge drama with stupendous visuals and thrills every 5 min of its runtime! The story might sound simple and even a bit juvenile; the story is plain, yet very crispy and entertaining throughout! It begins with a love story between a boy Nani (Nani) and micro-artist, Bindhu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu); the guy tries his best to impress Bindhu in all the ways he can. Finally when she accepts his love and tries to express it to him the villain Sudeep (Sudeep), who is also madly in love with Bindhu, kills Nani pathetically. Nani’s soul then enters into a fly and how the fly makes Sudeep’s life hellish, hereon, forms the rest of the story.

The heart of the movie:

Making a fly the hero and shaping it up into a 2-and-a-half-hour movie is a huge risk that only a few film-makers would be willing to take. The screenplay is blended in such a way that it is very entertaining and poignant. The cast performances are excellently matched with the fly’s visuals.

Nani’s role is short and sweet. He gave his best in his screen time of 20 minutes as a boy-next-door romantic lover. Samantha is cute and bubbly as usual and her expressions are heart-warming. Kicha Sudeep (The well-known Kannada actor) is outstanding in his portrayal. He has done a fabulous job as a comic and chaotic villain and has set a new trend in villainy.

All the graphics are accurate and appreciable. The art work is good and the cinematography is very nice especially in a first song. Music holds the limelight for the movie where BGM is thrilling in every frame and all the 3 songs are simply superb.

Last but not the least, to the Megaphone holder we must bow, for the wonders he has created with the support of 24 crafts. And his screenplay is also gripping as it keeps us awake and alert all the time.

Graphics and VFX are the crux of the movie, the Makuta VFX Graphics have done their job perfectly and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is absolutely enthralling. All in all, the master, Rajamouli, and VFX take the film to the next level.

There are many paying elements in EEGA which leave one spell-bound and are wonderfully visualized. Rajamouli’s made sure that there is a peak point in the movie for every 10 minutes after Eega enters. He let his imagination run wild when it came to show the methods adopted by Eega to take the revenge on mighty villain. Using of hexagonal mesh transparent layer for Eega’s point of view gives clarity to audiences.

The main scenes to look out for when watching this movie: The birth of Eega and how it sees the world (Where for almost about 20 minutes there are no dialogues). The Interval Bang as the Fly gives a death warning to the villain “I will kill you”. In the second half, the way how fly explains to the heroine that it is none other than her lover Nani. In the song “Gagageega” Eega takes a shower, does body building exercises, etc. (One of the best visualized songs ever made). The teasing gestures of the fly are hilarious and very real-seeming. Eega is a classic revenge story told in unimaginable proportions (few millimetres vs. six feet).

The film is meant for all the sections of the audience. EEGA is a wholesome entertainer which is a mixture of interesting and daring plot, exceptionally well done performances and clap-worthy and outstanding visuals. This film is also in the pipeline for a Hindi release at the end of this year with some more changes and in 3D (which perfectly suits this kind of film). This is one movie, I say, no one shall miss out on.