Bigamy Without Divorce: What”s Next for Assam MLAs?

Posted on July 12, 2012 in Politics

By Sirisha Akshinthala:

Mrs Rumi Nath, is a responsible woman of the country, mother of a two-year-old child, a born Hindu and more than all this, a MLA of the Assam Constituency. But she went against the Indian marriage act by marrying another person without giving divorce to her first husband. Because of this, Rumi Nath and her second husband Jaki Jakir were beaten up by a mob of 200 people on Friday, June 29th. For the sake of her marriage she undertook Islam and changed her name to Rebia Sultana. Now, she is also a 4 month pregnant lady.

“I want to clarify that I was not under any compulsion to convert to Islam and marry my facebook friend Zakir. I am staying willingly with my husband Zakir,” was a post by Nath on facebook a few months back. The marriage took place on April 13, says the reports, and interestingly, it was solemnised by two qazis arranged by Assam minister Siddique Ahmed. Rumi married Rakesh Kumar Singh about six years back and as mentioned earlier they have a two-year-old daughter. She did not file for divorce before marrying Zakir secretly in April.

Has she done the biggest crime? To some extent yes, but manhandling by the mobs is not the right action against it. Though, she was elected as peoples’ candidate and even then she crossed the line and did not stick to upholding her duties, but being beaten up is unlawful. No matter man/woman or Hindu/ Muslim. Apart from all that she is a human and no human has a right to attack or kill another person irrespective of any reason. If this continues, the value of Indian Judiciary system goes in vain.

Law is equal for everyone, a lady married without divorce should be behind bars even if she is a MLA/Minister- the rule says according to the justice court. Because she is a lady and powerful in government doesn’t mean that she can do anything she likes. But everything must go according to the law and she deserves the respect and must be treated in a right manner instead of allegedly being attacked.

This issue has also become more sensitive because of the involvement of two religions. But now all is well in spite of minor disputes, nothing has lead to bigger communal riots. However, incidents like this without immediate action may lead to communal riots. None the less this MLA has done an illegal crime. She has a right to marry any person irrespective of any religion, but only after a divorce. Moreover she had disappeared for 2 months which left her husband and the local people speechless. This sort of spontaneous reaction in the degrading generation of politicians should be a lesson for our society. The government must awaken and try to avoid such kind of incidents in future
Last, but not the least. What should be the punishment for this woman? For a legislator for disobeying the rule of law and going for bigamy, leaving her 2 year old baby and a lawful husband, just for her desires? In a civilised society, such incidents are unfortunate. But Mrs. Rumi Nath should not be an irresponsible being a public leader.

Undoubtedly, she must resign from Legislative Assembly as she misused her political platform for her personal whims. If she has no love or care for her own child, how will she be a good representative for people? While protecting herself from mob actions she must realize her mistake and apologize and find a right solution legally, as it is completely her personal issue.