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Five Off Beat Destinations In India

Posted on July 3, 2012 in Travel

By Bhawani Sahoo:

During my school days, my friends were always excited for annual school trips to Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra or such places which were very famous among the tourists. But for people like “me” who love exploring the unknown, unconventional places are the main attraction. If you think that India is only full of monuments, gardens and hills then you are absolutely wrong, or maybe you have not yet explored the true beauty of India. So my list begins here:

The recently opened area in Ladakh, has breath taking views of the Himalayas surrounding it. It is said that a person descending towards this valley will have the view of a landscape similar to those in fairy tales.

What could be more relaxing than a perfect vacation here? Pondicherry is one of the most serene coastal areas, completely apt for a memorable, romantic, family vacation. This place is famous for its virgin beaches that are situated far away from the polluted city. It is a perfect and an awesome destination for people who are in search for peace.

If you are an animal lover like me than Sariska tiger reserve in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is the best place to visit. It is a prime tiger country, with typical dry deciduous forest which changes with every season. Besides tigers, herbivorous blue bulls and spot deers can be found in abundance here.

My next favourite destination is Sandakphu, which is the highest peak located in Darjeeling with one of the finest trekking routes. In the Sikkim region it is also known as the “Paradise for Trekkers “. The dream of seeing four of the world’s five highest peaks – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse is possible from this place.

And finally adorning my list is the “ALL IN ONE ” Jharkhand. Ranging from hills, waterfalls and lakes, to mineral springs, wildlife sanctuaries and pilgrimage centres, it has all in store for you. National parks in Hazaribagh and Betla, hill stations and the famous Hundru falls will make your journey a breath taking experience.

I have just mentioned my favourite five the destinations here, but let us not forget that India has a lot more in store. And this is the reason why it has emerged as one of the most preferred holiday destination among tourists.