Is Indian Judicial System Really Aiding Its Citizens?

Posted on July 30, 2012 in Society

By Pratik Mantri:

The Indian judicial system was constituted with much fanfare in 1950. But after 62 years, is the system really helping our people? The answer I think is a big NO (to which most people would agree with me). Many cases are still pending and some of those involved in crime are roaming free after inconsequential inquiries. The system itself is very slow in deciding even the dates for a hearing in court. I can understand there may be a hell lot of work for the people working over there but why not constitute fast track courts for a better society? For a country with the second largest manpower supply to say that they are short of individuals is plain ridiculous.

It is no hidden secret that if you have a strong political support or background you can survive in this country for infinite years even after committing a ₹ 2000 crore scam or 4-5 murders. While the system has been partial to politicians and their cronies it has dealt with rough hands where the citizens are concerned. The problem starts at the root level itself, the police react strongly or quickly only when there is media outburst or some political pressure. I fail to understand the slow actions of police or any other Government Agency for that matter against domestic violence and other heinous crimes. And the punishment for all these crimes isn’t adequate to provide some sort of lessons to these animals that have been wrongly drafted into a human beings’ bodies. Even if they are caught, they are out on bail in a few days or weeks may be. The emotional pain and agony suffered by women because of an incompetent system is a depressing commentary on the state of affairs in our country. The recent Guwahati incident or the other incident in Noida a few months back have shown us that the females are still far from safety and the laws are not stringent enough to punish those devils.

Lets go back to recent history, A. Raja, who was involved in a scam amounting to a figure that can’t even be computed on a calculator, is enjoying his life after spending just 15 months in jail and there too he had access to TV, books and other things to just relax. It seemed as if he was relaxing there and not serving a punishment. He is out of the jail, P. Chidambaram is cleared of the charges against him and all the bigwigs who were engaged in 2G scam have also been granted bail. I bet there is a strong political influence in CBI and other such organisations otherwise the outcome of some of the cases would have been different.

Even a terrorist like Ajmal Kasab is still alive, even after having more than enough evidence about his activities on November 26, 2008. He is pretty much safe here than even in his own country. I can’t foresee a reason for him to stay alive; just kill him and telecast that thing live on TV. It would be a big relief for every Indian citizen.

There have been many cases demanding justice and that justice has remained nothing more than a dream. What this judicial system has done is that it has made people lose any hope of justice and peace in their lives. They suffer and they continue to suffer and then succumb to death. As I have said earlier, the solution is fast track courts and appointment of new individuals with a sense of integrity and honesty. Also the mindset of the bureaucrats has to change. If they discharge their duties effectively then I believe the situation will be different come next few years. The feelings of empathy and compassion towards the victims will also help to soothe their pain.

We all can only hope that may be some day this problem would cease to exist and a system that can be trusted blindly comes into existence.