Laugh Out Loud :The10 Best Comic Movies Of India

Posted on July 27, 2012 in Media

By Hariharan Ramakrishnan:

India being the largest producer of films, there has been no draught for comic movies. With as many larger regional languages present, each state has showcased their innate comic sense in their movies. It is therefore always an easy option for a man to relieve his stresses and jump to extra-orbital energy quickly. Comic movies have come in all genres with all possible stories involving marriage to murder and banker to bunker. It is a very hard task to list out the top ten of the lot, but given below are top 10 comic movies from all times, which are sure to make you believe and entertain like the best movies ever.

One of the classic examples is Thillu Mullu released in 1981 directed by K.Balachander starred by Rajinikanth. This movie portrays the story of a young man Aiyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyapermal Chandran (Rajinikanth) who gets a job from his uncle’s friend Sri Ramachandra Murthy (principled man) by acting accordingly to Sri Ramachandra Murthy, as per his uncle’s advice to be sceptic. Not a good luck for the protagonist, he is seen by his employer playing football one day which is against the principles of the employer. It was when Chandran had lied to his employer to take leave saying that his mother (already dead) was serious. When the employer bounces to punish Chandran, the protagonist brings in a plot saying the man playing football player was his brother Indran. Therefore he had to begin with his life with twin roles. Apparently things fall apart, and Indran is employed to teach music to Murthy’s daughter and they fall in love. When Murthy comes to know of all this drama, he set out to kill Chandran and a lot of sequences follow, ending up Murthy as a fool all over the way. When Murthy prays to God Murga, Lord Murga changes into Lord Ganesha and says he was also involved in fooling him and Murthy has nowhere to go.

De Dana Dan, screened in 2009, directed by Priyadharshan with a huge star cast, was a blockbuster. This movie involves two poor men in Singapore who are not lucky in anything other than their love life, the girls being the daughters of rich men in Singapore. This is a movie where there is setting and resetting of marriages of the girls by the decisions of their fathers. At last, this involves a lot of running around the bush, where the police run behind kidnappers and confusion among them causes misunderstandings. The result is that the lovers manage to get married successfully where no one else is happy. The movie’s credibility lies in the fact that it makes you laugh all the way with its excellent screenplay from the beginning. Akshay Kumar makes you laugh with his comic acts and sneak dialogues. The bunch along with him makes your stomach grieve in pain.
Michael Madana Kama Rajan is a Tamil comedy film released in 1990 directed by Singeetam Srinivas Rao. This movie narrates a story of quadruplets, Michael, Madhanagopal, Kameshwaran and Raju all 4 characters played by Kamala Hassan. An industrialist sets a goon and his men to kill a woman with whom he secretly married and also to kill the babies to be given birth by her. The industrialist does so to avoid potential rivals for his property. The gang leader, who did not have the heart to kill the quadruplets, leaves one in an orphanage, one in temple later adopted by a Brahmin, puts one in a car belonging to the industrialist and takes one with him. This film has lots of laughter for the audience in its store. The scenes in this movie create a storm with every comic sequence and consequence of every act. At one stage all four of the quadruplets crash to meet one by one and eliminate goons threatening the family. The presence of Bheema boy along with one of the rich quadruplets steals the show now and then. This movie is a blaster of comedies set out as a real family entertainer.

Similarly Pancha Tanthiram is a great comedy movie to watch. The movie directed by K.S.Ravikumar and starred by Kamal Hassan is also an adult and family entertainer. The movie involves a chase after diamonds and disclosing of a murder by the protagonist and his friends, which was not actually done by them. This film bounces up and down to the roof and the floor with unexpected dialogues and acts. Other movies are Garam Masala, Golmaal series, Housefull 1 and 2, Sathi Leelavathi, Vasool Raja and Thenali.

Still there’s a lot in store. These movies are sure to make you crazy with its story plot and comedy explosives. There’s never a joyous experience without comedy movies giving us a blast of enjoyment and happiness.