No More Tears, Because C.R.Y Is Here: Child Rights And You

Posted on July 9, 2012 in Volunteerism

By Sonakshi Madan:

In a country where 40% of the population lives behind the eighth ball, where impecunious condition force kids to beg for a slice of bread, where yours and mine ill-fitting shoes serve as the magical shoes for poverty ridden children, where somebody wears a Gucci dress and somebody begs for rugged scraps, where sticks, clay and mud have replaced stuff toys for some children, where bins are being searched for a burnt loaf of bread and in the age where hope is so hard to find, C.R.Y is driving for a smile on the faces of those ill-fated children.

Child Rights and You is a non-profitable organization established by Rippan Kapur in 1979. Its motto is “EQUALITY NOT CHARITY”. Its objective is to exhilarate those children whose parents can’t bear the cost of school fees, to make efforts to feed millions of famishing children who can’t afford even a single meal of the day, to bring hope for those hopeless parents of 2 million infants who couldn’t even survive to celebrate their first birthday.

C.R.Y intend to piggyback transformation by schlepping the herculean task of making people au courant about their rights. With C.R.Y’s stupendous efforts, a commendable change has been brought in about 13,000 villages and slums across 20 states. They address the root cause which keeps them at a trail in managing the basic necessities like food, education and respect.

In 1979, C.R.Y started with the efforts of 7 people with an initial amount of Rs 50 and now it raises around 36 crore every year through donations and sales of products with the synergy of around 150 professionals.

C.R.Y provided immunization to around 122,898 infants, thwarted child labour in 648 villages, got 19 new Primary Health Centres and 38 Sub-health centres rolling and let off the hook of child marriage from around 1152 villages. “Voice of India – Say Yes to Education” campaign, “Titan-CRY Education Fund”, “Free-a-child today” -CRY’s corporate quiz, raised enough funds in the initial years. CRY shored up relief projects after the earthquake which wiped off the map of Gujarat on January 26, 2001. CRY-Child Relief and You America Inc. was launched in September 2003. CRY-Titan Industries Ltd. triggered the ‘About Time’ campaign. “Project Shiksha – education as a right of every child”, was launched which used the technique of raising funds by sale of products. ‘Race for CRY’, was a virtual marathon that created awareness on Child Rights and raised resources for CRY. ‘Sabko Shiksha, Samaan Shiksha’ a charter of demands ,signed by 7.7 lack people was submitted to the Honourable President of India, Pratibha Patil in 2009. ‘Sansad Gherao Abhiyan’ and the Campaign for Equity and Equality in Tsunami Rehabilitation (CEETR) were other programs launched by CRY.

Here is some basic information about C.R.Y, for those wishing to make their contributions-

Name: CRY – Child Rights and You.
Status: Non-Government Organization (NGO)
Address: CRY – Child Rights and You, 189/A, Anand Estate, Sane Guruji Marg, Mumbai 400011.
Telephone: +91-022-2309 6845 / 2306 3651 / 3647.
Fax: +91-022-2308 0726.
Branches: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata
Tax Status: All donations to CRY are eligible for tax exemption – 50% tax exempt under Section 80G. CRY also offers 100% tax exemption under Section 35 AC or 80GGA. For more information, write to the CRY office nearest to you.
Registration No: Public Trust Reg.No.F-5208 (Mumbai)