OLX India: Revolutionizing The Way We Buy And Sell

Posted on July 2, 2012 in Media

You have surely seen the OLX India television ad in which two young boys provoke their father to sell of their car because it is too old and does not keep up with the current times. The father and grandfather, adamant on not selling it off, suddenly change their mind when they hear the price being offered on OLX India where you can post free ads.

Gone are the days of your yellow pages book and print ads. Internet buying and selling is the new fad. While till a few years ago, it was very difficult to sell online, OLX is surely bridging the gap. The largest place for free classified ads worldwide, OLX is also popular among internet users in India.

While classified ads were traditionally only promoted either in print or online, OLX is one of the first ever in this sector to have taken to television ads to promote classified listings in India. With the institutional campaign “Where Buyers Meet Sellers” the website has funny ads that show day-to-day activities which highlight the advantages and simplicity of advertising oneself in the largest free classified ads place worldwide.

A diverse range of ads, from old desktop to baby cot, the television ads promote the message that OLX is not constrained by product limitations. Not only smaller products, people have successfully bought offices, rented houses and furnished their entire apartment, thanks to the diversity of listing on OLX.

As we move towards a more social web, the age old classifieds are being reformed too. May be it really is time to take things online and breath fresh air in them, reviving them for a new, more emerging, active community base of early adopters.