Organizations Working For A Better Tomorrow: A Look At NGOs and NPO

Posted on July 19, 2012 in Volunteerism

By Ashna Mishra:

The beginning of NGOs and NPOs (Non-profit organisations), and the growth that followed, is in all aspects an emerging trend these days especially due to the falling role of government in the welfare and services for the society. These back-up firms are indeed helping create the much needed awareness and leading to the path of social development. Not only more and more such agencies are sprawling every day but also they are achieving the required participation from the society. Apart from the most famous NGOs like Helpage India and the Smile Foundation, today, we have many more. This article aims at taking a brief look at various such organizations emerging every day.

“Goonj” is one such NGO whose tagline ‘a voice, an effort’ became famous all over. The basic aim of this organization is to make clothing a matter of concern. They have led various nation-wide movements so as to provide resources to the people from far flung villages. Goonj campaigns like “Rahat Winters”, “Rahat Floods” and “Vastra Samman” definitely deserve a salute.

Another one that must be in this list is “Twissha Cultural Educational Society”, a national NGO based in Delhi which aims at ensuring an easy access of cultural education to all. TCES advocates the growth of talent and passion. Twissha works in collaboration with “T.Y.C.I.A Foundation” which targets the education for the needy children for a better tomorrow. The foundation also organizes events like ‘Dental Camp’, ‘Fitness Training’ and ‘Mini Marathon’.
“Akshaya Patra” based in Andhra Pradesh is also an ever growing organization. This NGO believes in enabling a hunger free education for nearly 1.5 million children in India.

We have discussed basically NGOs so far but there are many non-profit organizations too, like, “Teach For India”, “Make A Difference” and “Leaders for Tomorrow” which aim at the youth to make the necessary social advancements. The nationwide movement, ‘Teach For India’, is actually an organisation of outstanding college students and young professionals who teach full-time in low income schools for two years. Their vision “One day all children will attain an excellent education” says it all. ‘Make A Difference’ offers a platform that empowers the youth to become the change makers who bring about positive social impact and create self-sustaining communities. Similarly, the mission of ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ is to create a large network of youth from among the under-graduate students from all colleges across the country by enhancing skills in not only social change but also in leadership.

Various college students have also started their own organizations like “Aasra-because they need us” run by NIT Rourkela and “Aarambh” run by IIT Kharagpur. All these efforts are worth being proud of. India would definitely be a better country in terms of social conditions if such efforts continue getting the support by us all.