Rahul Gandhi:The Rise Of A New Dawn Or The Setting Sun?

Posted on July 25, 2012 in Politics

By Subodh Jain:

Indian politics has witnessed many dynamic personalities from the very beginning but the current political scenario lacks such leaders. Although there are many viable for this, the case is utterly different. If we search for young politicians then the name of Rahul Gandhi heads the list. There are many reasons which have made him notch up such a prestigious position. Rahul Gandhi is an Indian politician and member of the Parliament of India, representing the Amethi constituency. Gandhi is the general-secretary of the Indian National Congress. He began his political career in March 2004 and the glory of Rahul Gandhi continues to reverberate in good swing.

If we march towards the current situation then it is quite clear that media has raised issues to make Rahul Gandhi the next prime minister- the highest authority of India. But if we take a glance at the past of Rahul Gandhi then things would seem to change in a rapid way. Actually Rahul Gandhi is currently a back hand leader of UPA and doesn’t hold any big responsibility in terms of effective leadership at the national level.

Currently the political atmosphere is filled with rumors about the rise of Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister, but if we systematically analyze the situation then the results would flabbergast us in true terms. The thing is that Rahul Gandhi has entered politics for more than six years and developmental process has not yet taken a momentum. If we look at the statistics one can never deny the fact that

has the best economists, and the best political leaders and moreover a better youth leader too, but all these have proved to be of very little use. If people believe in the fame of Rahul Gandhi then for such people a question arises that what qualities Rahul has, to be an effective prime minister? Looking at the recent headlines of newspapers, you would find that inflation rate has increased again and hit the pocket of poor people.

If government considers Mr. Gandhi as their upcoming leader, why can’t Rahul Gandhi coordinate and direct the ministry and take the nation out of its many existing crises? Now, as the presidential election is over, Congress is very much focused on mission 2014. With the failure of many senior leaders, considering Rahul Gandhi as the futuristic leader could be very fruitful for the congress as well as the nation. It is said that, ‘the youth is the future of a nation’. It is indeed true. But most of the elected members have never broached for the betterment of youths. Strange! This is a very poor form of leadership for the youths who are leading innovators. So Rahul Gandhi, can in turn be a fervent leader that congress might be looking for. But the only thing to be taken care of is the present failures. As it is very evident that presently congress is not able to cope up with the fluctuations in the political world, this in turn reflects the downfall that Rahul Gandhi’s leadership could attribute to. This is the real time for Rahul Gandhi to update himself in coming months and to come up with some better strategies to tackle the worrying issues.

I personally believe, experience is on one side and the will to develop a nation is somewhat superior to it. Rahul has got tremendous potential in himself to change the current Indian political scenario. India truly needs a dynamic, charismatic leader and Rahul Gandhi seems to be a perfect match provided he proves himself as a result oriented politician.