Scholarships For Studying Abroad For Indian Students

Posted on July 11, 2012 in Education

By Barkha Sethi:

Education, now days, is the priority of everyone. Prior parents started saving money for their children’s marriage from their birth but now money is saved for their education. People with high aims and great dreams want to study from the best institutions of the world. Thus, the trend of abroad study has arrived. Those with lots of money of their parents can easily manage to study abroad but those of middle class families or with less money cannot afford to do so and their dreams remains the dreams.

Government of India and various other countries have started providing scholarships to those who deserve them so to fulfill their dreams and make them real. A scholarship is an award of access to a student to further education. Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. These students are basically known as International students. International student scholarships are very competitive to secure. The competition is very much and the students who are not able to get the scholarship rely exclusively on themselves and their relatives for funding and education loan.

Scholarships are provided to students on course basis or on organization basis. Different countries provide scholarships on different criteria to the students. If wants a scholarship for his further study then one has to first decide the country in which he wants to study. Afterwards his college and courses are considered. Today I would discuss some scholarships which students are usually willing to know about.

Various Scholarship Proogrammes

Scholarship Program: UK Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Program for Developing Countries
Employer: DFID and UK universities
Level of Study: Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are a joint initiative between the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (with funding from DFID) and UK universities, to support scholarships for students from developing Commonwealth countries who would not otherwise be able to study in the UK. All courses undertaken must be demonstrably relevant to the economic, social or technological development of the candidate’s home country.

1. Scholarship Program: LearnHub Dream Study Abroad Scholarship
USA Universities
Level of Study: Under Graduate and Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: The LearnHub Scholarship is actually a bursary. One can use it to buy books, pay for some fees or maybe get some cool equipment like a groovy microscope or that electric guitar. It’s a onetime grant of USD 2000 for a student who applies to a university via LearnHub and makes it across! One gets the amount once can join the college and complete 1 semester over there. In case one wins the scholarship but don’t join the college/university will still win goodies.

2. Scholarship Program: 2012-2012 Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships at University of Edinburgh, UK
Employer: Scottish Government in partnership with the University of Edinburgh
Level of Study: Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: The University of Edinburgh will offer 8 Master’s scholarships for postgraduate Master’s study in any subject offered by the University for the 2012-2013 academic sessions. Each scholarship will amount to £2,000 and will be tenable for one academic year. These scholarships are supported and funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.

3. Scholarship Program: Ambassadorial Scholarships by the Rotary Foundation
USA Universities
Level of Study: Under Graduate and Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: This is one of the world’s largest privately funded international scholarships program. Formed in 1947, The Rotary foundation has encouraged 38,000 men and women from almost 100 countries of the world. The purpose of the Ambassadorial Scholarships program is to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries and geographical areas. The program also sponsors several types of qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies.

4. Scholarship Program: 2012 Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships to study at University of Cambridge, UK
Employer: British Council
Level of Study: Doctoral
Brief Scholarship Description: Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, is a graduate and Honorary Fellow of St John’s College. He is widely acknowledged as the architect of the economic reforms that have helped propel India onto the World Stage. In honor of Dr Singh St John’s College, the University of Cambridge launched the Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships in Delhi in 2007. These awards will enable academically outstanding Indian students to come to St. John’s College, University of Cambridge to study for doctoral degrees in subjects like Science & Technology, Economics and Social Sciences.

5. Scholarship Program: 2012 International Development Office Scholarships at Swansea University
Employer: Swansea University, UK
Level of Study: Degree seeking
Brief Scholarship Description: Swansea University’s International Development Office has Scholarships available to candidates who can demonstrate above average academic qualifications and financial need.

6. Scholarship Program: 2012-2013 Jubilee Scholarships for Indian Students
Employer: British Council and the UK Government
Level of Study: Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: British Council and the UK Government are delighted to present this wonderful opportunity that enables young Indians to pursue a one year Masters program in Management, Manufacturing, Science and Technology in a recognized UK institution and follow it up with a month-long internship program in the UK. The scholarship program aims to support greater access to Higher Education in the UK and provide a new opportunity for students to fund their education. The scholars will receive funding for a one-year Masters course in the UK, starting September 2012.

7. Scholarship Program: Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship 2012
Employer: London Metropolitan University
Level of Study: Master’s
Brief Scholarship Description: The scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding Indian student coming to London Metropolitan University to pursue Masters Program. The student with excellent academic background and potential for leadership and social change as demonstrated by Gandhi will be awarded the scholarship. The Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship 2012 will support one Indian student by covering his complete tuition fee for Masters Course at London Metropolitan University. The scholarship will also be awarded to two more Indian and it will cover 50% of their tuition fees for Masters Program at Metropolitan University.