Should We Cover Ourselves And Stay At Home Every Moment?

Posted on July 28, 2012 in Society

By Kriti Rathore:

Why do I have to look down and walk whenever I spot a mob of people? Why can’t I put on short skirts and walk without restraint, without giving a damn to what people remark? Why can’t I award a tight blow and say How Dare You to an eve teaser when he tries to molest me? Is it actually 21st century going on?

Well I doubt. People are still breathing in the eras of BC’s when it comes to their belief, their ideas and mindsets. Let me converse the Assam molestation case where a teenager was molested by a mob of 20 people, I reiterate – 20 people! The mob consisted of masons, tea stall owners, sweepers and more. I feel petrified, dumbstruck and raged, agitated over this. What would be the girl’s state at that particular moment, how would be she feeling? Of course devastated is the superlative word to enlighten this.

Spectators, what were they doing there? Is it equivalent of watching a semi-porn video on YouTube? Were they standing there and fantasizing that wish I would have been there touching the girl! If they say that they were pitying over the incident then I have proposal for them that better you all depart (spectators) home and make out, are you really a man? Well I say no, you are not!

The news channel’s reporter was busy video recording the things on his camera rather than extending a hand of assistance to the 16 year old. He has also been allegedly involved in it – in inciting the crowd. Here the gloomy face of media is being portrayed and the reporter did all this, so that he could transport something peppery to his channel head and in return could get a promotion or hike probably. Is this low-priced is a girl’s dignity and pride in India?

The great minsters, our cop’s, local police are always absent from the crime venue. I do not declare that they do not arrive or appear later (when another citizen of our country is made to believe that he/she is no safer) but were they sleeping with their wives when the mobsters stripped off the 16 year old? What would have they done if it would have been their daughters ?

Once more, I would like to point out the term spectators, viewers and would advise them to walk off and better have a gender change operation since you all do not justify the category of men. A man is somebody who shields a female and what you all did is sheer level of shamelessness. Rather than going for the option of watching the girl being embarrassed if you all would have formed a cluster and attacked the filthy people then undeniably the girl could have been saved from the humiliation. However, you will not do this because she was not your wife, sister or daughter. Right?

For god’s sake, revolutionize your perception, lift up your thoughts and be a responsible citizen. In addition, people who remark on girl’s dress must keep in mind that you are no one to decide what we should sport.

All young boys who just observe when a girls is being molested, my question to them is will you be motionless when it will be your sister or a female friend? For parents, teach your son to respect girls and not to rape them. Is this the India, which our ancestors dream t of? We are definitely no more safe here!