SPEED VIEWS: “Bhaiya Polythene Nahi Hai Kya?”

Posted on July 6, 2012

By Nimisha Bhati:

“Bhaiya polythene nahi hai kya?” a common phrase you’d come across when you pass by any vendor or street store; but when it comes to a congregation for saving the environment, we all jump in to show how much we care. Peep in a little inquisitively and ask yourself: Are we really that concerned? Do we really take initiative for our mother earth OR are we smothering the future generations already with an innocent mask on? Mahatma Gandhi popularly said “Be the change you want to see” but thanks to our generation it only stays a ‘popular’ quote.

I do not want you to start lodging FIRs against those who do bad. I ask you to self-regulate. Whenever you buy something from the market refuse to take the poly bag. If possible make yourself a jute bag, it’d be both a creative and recreational activity. Tell others not to waste the resources. Turn off fans and lights. Wasting resources would never make you look rich. It would only pave a road to the end of Earth, faster. Try using substitutes. Use public transport and do all the other things you can by yourself and tell all your kin to do so.

Let us really be the change and make a good future rather than just following environmental projects. It’s time that we take the first step. Not tomorrow, not next month, it’s today right now that we BEGIN.

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