Story Of Yamuna #Poem

Posted on July 2, 2012 in Society

By Shruti:

I was nurtured in the womb of God,
I was born in the lap of the Himalayas
Heaven and Earth celebrated my birth,
Creation chose to name me- Yamuna.

In my childhood, I was chirpy and free
I was happy, as happy could be.
The mighty hills, the narrow valleys
They lifted me up, proved to be my allies.

Civilisation around me grew,
I was witnessing a world totally new.
From a child, I turned into a woman so pure,
People termed me Divine, some were so sure.

I was in Taj the power of love,
Towards me flew the pigeon and the dove.
Never the one to tire and stop,
I entered the plains, leaving the hills atop.

The large industries made my head reel,
No one seemed to care how I would feel.
Bags and trucks of waste they dumped,
For their greed, more and more water they pumped.

I grew weaker, strength I had no more
The filth slowly penetrated my heart’s core.
While I struggled to breathe fresh air,
The ministers sat comfortable in their chair.

It seems like another lifetime, when I was considered Divine
Today, I’m struggling for life, but known as the “Lifeline”.
That was my story, you patient child
I hope you’ll come to me and not be blind.
Till then, all I have are memories and dreams,
Help me, don’t let me break at the seams
Help me, don’t let me break at the seams

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