Ten Inspiring Movies For The Youth

Posted on July 27, 2012 in Media

By Bhawani Sahoo:

Every Friday when a movie is released, what compels us to book tickets for a particular film? I think majority of us go for entertainment or to just freshen up our minds but there are some movies, which inspires us to laugh, cry, to believe in ourselves or to live our life to the fullest and also pushes us to achieve our dreams. In this article, I am going to share my 10 favorite inspirational movies which are close to my heart and I am sure you’ll like them.

Inspirational message: Live your life to the fullest.

This is the story of a dying man, who wants to live every second of his life with happiness even though he is fully aware of his incurable disease. The smile which Rajesh Khanna carries on his face throughout the movie will inspire you to live your life with a positive attitude, no matter how painful it is.

Inspirational message: Don’t let your dreams lose hope

When ‘your heart begins to think like the head‘, you achieve success in your life! What a great dialogue by Naseeruddin Shah ! A story of a deaf and mute boy who strives to become a national cricket player, facing lots of hindrances in his way, but still his physical inadequacy doesn’t stop him from fulfilling his dreams.

Inspirational message: Give wings to your adolescent dreams

This is a story of a rebellious teenager Rohan and the struggle between his dream and his father’s dominating nature. It is a beautiful story which shows the effect of teenage experiences in shaping his tomorrow and gradually he realizes his dream of becoming a writer. This story empowers you to achieve anything you want if you put your heart to it.

Inspirational message: Move ahead and fight back

The glamorous industry which looks so beautiful from far , is not the same from inside. Fashion is the story of a small town girl played by Priyanka Chopra, who losses her self-respect and forgets what she actually is just for the sake of her existence in this fashionable industry. The movie teaches you a lesson to think twice before you make any decision and also inspires to fight back when you fall from the peak!

Inspirational message: Redefining student-teacher relationship

In today’s time when students are putting their teachers behind bars, this amazing story truly redefines the relation between both of them ,which is not only worth appreciating but also inspires us that only a selfless guru can take you out of darkness and can even motivate a deaf-dumb-blind girl to be educated.

Inspirational message: Don’t hate politics
Does today’s youth have the capacity to change the Indian political scenario? This question was brilliantly answered by this movie which motivates you to love politics in order to change the political situation of the country.

Inspirational message: Nothing is impossible

The story of Maggie Fitzgerald, a poor waitress who was neglected and insulted in every step of her life decides to become a boxer and her dream was fulfilled by becoming a boxing champion. This story inspires each and every woman to believe that, they are in no way physically less than men and equally motivates them to make every impossible dream possible.

Inspirational message: Qualities which we don’t remember in today’s time

This biographical movie made on Gandhi, describes various important events of his life during his adulthood and also the pre-independence era. His admirable qualities of non-violence, tolerance and self-sacrifice, which can hardly be seen in any youth today, inspires us to practice these qualities in our day to day life in order to bring some change in our attitude.

Inspirational message: Intelligence is not the only staircase to success

Forrest Gump is a man with a low IQ but with good intentions, which helps him to achieve great success in his life. It inspires you to believe that even if you are not intelligent enough to achieve great heights in your life, with a positive attitude and good intentions you can manage to conquer any situation.

Inspirational message: Respect your parents when they are old

A very beautiful movie which shows today’s youngsters’ mentality regarding their old parents, who treat them as a burden. This movie not only inspires you but also motivates you to respect them when they are old because one day even we’ll be there in their place.

These movies are not only entertaining but inspiring as well, which will help you to choose the correct path in your life.