“The Dirty Picture” Of Indian Politics: Not Just An Individual, But Reflection Of The System

Posted on July 27, 2012 in Politics

By Anjum Dhamija:

All of a sudden, the priorities of the ruling class of this country have changed. The riots in the north-east, the floods of Assam and the impending drought are of little significance when you have something else to chase, i.e. a little more power! The political drama of self-esteem is just another façade of the government, which is fortunately or unfortunately the UPA(United Progressive Alliance) in this case.

The concern currently is a “very valuable colleague” who is in a bad mood off late. Yes, this is our esteemed agriculture minister. He is dissatisfied because majority party Congress is not giving due consideration to coalition allies. He is not being given his due respect. Even after being such a seasoned politician, congress’ chief minister of Maharashtra is unwilling to hide the scams of his associates and of course, they need to strengthen their party back home for next election.

Forget about the welfare state, someone please go and tell Mr. Pawar that his party’s demands are not even politically correct, at a time, when agriculture is going to hit rock bottom, and when the farmers are looking up to him to use his magic wand. He needs to delay his attention-seeking tantrum. No, the drama is not a reflection of some individual traits, but of the whole political system. Why can’t the chosen leaders of people give some time to people, at least in the situations which could close in to a crisis any time? At least, do it for the sake of your vote bank.

For an average privileged youth like you and me, none of the sides are much of relevance to our lives. We will remain in our comfort zone even after a price hike, even after bad crops or excess rains, whatever government might rule or disrupt. But, what about an average Indian who is affording 2 square meals a day after much of hard work? What good is this political drama bringing to them? This average Indian is reduced to a vote and not an individual. A little more hatred, a little more mistrust for the state of governance, this is all that is left after this creepy scenario.