Truth Of Male Dominance In The Indian Sports

Posted on July 18, 2012 in Sports

By Bhawani Sahoo:

The recent controversy created by the release of Sania Mirza’s letter has actually brought out the truth of male chauvinism practiced by AITA (All India Tennis Association) during the selection of players in London Olympics. But the manner in which Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes dismissed her as an unimportant object would have been more hurtful than any other controversies.

Recently Sania spoke on the issue of getting a wildcard entry for the Olympics where she has been paired with Leander Paes and not with her preferred player Mahesh Bhupathi. She accused AITA for not consulting her before the teams were selected for the London Olympics. As an answer to her acquisitions, the AITA said that they would have consulted her but at that time her entry was not sure. Sania said that the controversial team selection has not only affected her relation with her fellow players but this incident has clearly demonstrated the practice of male chauvinism in sports.

The dirty politics played by the selection row has not only strained Sania’s friendship with Mahesh Bhupathi but it also paired Leander Paes with Sania Mirza in mixed double as a compromise. Now the question arises that is there any truth in the words of this female sport star? Sania’s claim of ‘male chauvinism’ has been supported by shuttler Jwala Gutta who said that she has equally suffered from male domination in Badminton.

India is a place where sports stars outside cricket are quite less and in such an environment the presence of importance for a female sports person or star is definitely unimaginable. They are mainly discussed for their ‘short skirts’ at large and not for their hard work and determination. The truth of male dominance is so prevalent in today’s time that it has created unwanted hindrance in the path of women and has forced them to fight for their right in their own country or to compromise in the given situation as Sania, who made clear that though she preferred Bhupathi, she is ready to play with Paes for the larger interest of the country.

This entire incident has not only brought bad name for tennis, but bad name to the way the entire system of India works in favour of one single sex and dominates the other. India is blessed with such great female sports stars but discrimination among the players has not only lead to the beginning of bad blood among them but it also shatters the dreams of many Indian girls who want to become like Sania Mirza or Jwala Gutta.