Where Is The Real India: Learning From The Past

Posted on July 31, 2012 in Specials

By Anusha:

Whatever things had happened in the past, the truth is that India was exploited by Britishers and other invaders. While all the countries were moving from uncivilized stage to civilization, India which was already well-organised, well-civilized and well-structured was dragged down to the poverty and is now following those many other countries towards development.

In my opinion, India should move back towards that well-structured path instead of following other countries. Indian culture was so strong and was so deeply present in our society that it was never completely destroyed. Because of that, there is also a lot of confusion among people not knowing which culture to follow; either go back to our old ways or follow western culture. At present it is a mixed culture: a confused one.

Most of the inventions and discoveries made by many other countries were done by referring to Ancient Indian scriptures. They got patents for turmeric, cow urine and many other things. But our government and people, were simply praising those countries on such achievements. It is a shame. WE have to wake-up. There is abundant knowledge in our India. Our ancestors had done lots of researches, discoveries and they made everything smooth for us, but we have turned blind and deaf towards such cognition.

When a person believes in something, everyone asks for a proof. But such people, when they don’t have the belief must also show the proofs for the same. I believe that we can achieve something only when we believe in it, completely.

“A country becomes better or worse depending on its people becoming better or worse.” The greatest weakness of our people and government is “CARELESSNESS towards our ancient knowledge.”